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“In Jersey, people will see different shades of a woman” says Mrunal Thakur

We have seen you in many diverse roles, especially strong female characters – how do you pick your roles? What attracts you to your characters

Being an actor, the biggest advantage is that we get to live many stories through our movies and I wish to make the best out of it. I believe in being vulnerable and going with the flow. But I also don’t want to play just a wife or a girlfriend, I want to be a professional. Whenever I choose my roles, my main priorities are to look at the script and the interesting challenges that I have to face while preparing for the role. It is not just the make-up and costume that elevate our performance but how we connect to our character. All the parts I have played are based on some profession – I’ve played a journalist, a doctor, a reporter and now in Jersey, I am a receptionist. All the characters are independent. The only thing I look at in the script is the content and I want to be a part of films that will be remembered by people across the globe.

Tell us something about Vidya in Jersey? What attracted you to play the character?

Vidya is a character I have never played before, it’s the complete opposite of what you’ve seen from me. I like experimenting with my characters. I am playing an independent woman who lives life on her terms. In Jersey, people will see different shades of a woman – how she can be a mother, wife, support system, a shoulder, a homemaker. Human drama attracts me the most and I am glad that I can play such roles. Vidya is strong and capable of taking care of the family. I can resonate with the film in that aspect.

 Any interesting bits about Shahid Kapoor? How was it filming with him?

Shahid is just lovely, always goofy and funny around everyone. If there’s tension on the sets, or if someone is not happy, Shahid makes sure that the person feels better and is smiling. That’s the best quality in him. He reads people’s minds.

As we all know, Shahid stays in the character he is playing. But the one thing I learnt from him and will always remember, is how to observe and absorb things on set. Through the making, I understood how crucial it is to observe the smallest of things because there are so many hidden aspects, be it shots or dubbing, that will teach you a lot.

 Tell us any interesting bits that happened during the shoot.

The entire process of making the film was very interesting. But if I had to narrate one incident, then it would probably be when I had to slap Shahid Kapoor. I was extremely nervous and I wasn’t at all able to do it. But Shahid being the sweet person he is, gave me a tip! He asked me to think of all my ex-boyfriends and slap him. Surprisingly enough, that worked.

What are your takeaways from the film? In your view, how does the role of companionship stand out in Jersey?

My takeaways from Jersey are – It’s never too late to achieve what your heart desires and don’t just survive, live your life.

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