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Kohli to bid Goodbye to cricket in 2023? Numerologist JP Tolani Jee made shocking revelations about Virat’s future

There used to be a time when Virat Kohli used to rule the field with his outstanding batting strokes. It was a nightmare for the bowlers to bowl against him. However, for the past one and a half years, Virat has been struggling with his form. His bat remains silent in all three formats- Test, ODI, and T20. He did not make a single century in the last 75 innings. While locking horns with England in the rescheduled fifth Test, the former Indian captain once again failed to live up to expectations in the first innings. He fell victim to the newbie pacer Matthew Potts after adding just 11 runs to the score sheet. He has also been kept out of the playing squad of the Indian Team for the upcoming West Indies tour. Meanwhile, the nation’s renowned numerologist JP Tolani Jee has also made a shocking revelation about Kohli. According to Tolani, Kohli’s numbers are pointing towards his retirement from cricket during July-August next year. In short, as per his numerology, King Kohli may retire from international cricket in the middle of 2023.

Numbers are pointing toward retirement

In Numerology, Birth Number, Destiny Number, First Name Number, and Full Name Number hold special significance, and based on these numbers, the prediction of an individual is calculated. Virat Kohli’s date of birth is 05/11/1988, and according to JP Tolani Jee, his birth number is 5 and his destiny number is 33 i.e. 6. Also, his first name number is 14 i.e. 5, and his full name number is 32 i.e. 5. In this context, Kohli has a combination of numbers 3,4,5,6,7, which is considered one of the best combinations. As per Tolani’s calculations, since Kohli’s destiny number is 33(6) and his first name alphabet is also at 6, he maintained a steady growth till the age of 33. Also, he has a strong combination of 4,5,6,7 in his name, which shows his wealth, fame, intelligence, and luxurious lifestyle. This is the reason why his combination of numbers has given him everything in life. Apart from this, Kohli is very impulsive and aggressive as his birth number (5), first name number (14), and full name number (32) remain influenced by the number 5.

Why is Kohli out of form?

Kohli’s form has been dipping low since March 2020 (India-New Zealand tour). According to Tolani, since Kohli was 32 (5) at that time and under the no. 5 cycle, he could not maintain his form, and no. 5 affected his performance the most. But again, in November 2020 (India-Australia Tour) at 33 (6), which was also his destiny number, he became the highest scorer of the tournament. Due to his Destiny number being included at the age of 33(6), he was blessed with a baby girl. He also won the Sir Garfield Sobers Award and the Male and ODI Cricketer of the Decade Award at that time. But soon afterward, he started to struggle with form and still continued to do so. According to Tolani Jee, as he is running at 34 (7) age in the current year, and a combination of 3,4, and 7 is not considered good without the support of 6, so he failed to come back in better form. At the same time, due to the number seven, he had to leave the captaincy from all formats. However, this combination bodes well for his digital presence, and as a result, he has garnered over 200 million followers along with garnering a lot of support on the digital channel.

What is the next option for Kohli?

He will enter the age of 35(8) in November 2022, and 8 among his other numbers, is showing signs of pain and loss. He may force to quit cricket and focus on other areas. Between April and November in 2023, he may bid goodbye to cricket. According to Tolani Jee, the calculation of his numbers shows that he will not start his next innings as a coach or commentator but will focus on other areas of the game like selectors/board members, etc.

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