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De Beers Institute of Diamonds: Building consumer confidence through world-leading natural diamonds services

Media OutReach – 6 January 2023 – De Beers Group Industry Services (“DBGIS”) was re-branded De Beers Institute of Diamonds (“DBIoD”) in 2020, in order to grow and strengthen consumer confidence across the diamond industry, as well as highlight its expertise that benefits both the trade and consumers.

DBIoD aims to provide integrity in the industry through the application of a passion for the science of diamonds, unrivalled diamond expertise and market-leading innovative technology. Therefore, DBIoD sets up laboratories and offices around the globe, including the UK, Belgium and India, to provide a wide range of services to support the diamond industry – Diamond Grading, Diamond Testing, Synthetic Detection Services and Instruments, and Diamond Education Course.

World Leading Grading

Diamond grading is always one of the most important categories to consider when purchasing a diamond. Therefore, DBIoD strives to provide exceptional professionalism and integrity. Building on over 130 years of experience, DBIoD combines 21st century technology and techniques with the leading industry standards to grade only natural and untreated diamonds. The combination of innovative grading systems and transparent published standards, ensures unparalleled accuracy and global consistency in grading. If you are interested to have your own diamond grading report, please register

DBIoD Diamond Grading Report (with Diamond Plot)

Testing You Can Trust

DBIoD offers ground-breaking, low-cost synthetic detection services by using advanced technology to protect consumer confidence in the diamond industry. This service can fully test all goods, identify synthetic and imitation diamonds, place them in tamper evident sealed parcels and label them, and then return them to the customer. The fundamental promise of accuracy, knowledge and expertise allows the company to stand confidently in the results of the tests. Over 130 years of diamond expertise ensures that the quality of service is the best in the business.

Melee being prepared for packaging

Pioneering Instruments

De Beers Institute of Diamonds (DBIoD) uses innovative proprietary technology by De Beers Group’s Ignite, which offers cutting-edge detection instruments that can readily screen out simulants, synthetics and treated diamonds. Through continued research, development and innovation, Ignite strive to make those instruments more easily available to all members of the diamond pipeline. Meanwhile, developing new screening and testing methods can reduce referral rates and increase throughput.

01 SynthDetect is the latest addition to our range of screening and detection instruments. It is specially designed for testing stones in mounted jewellery but can also be used to test loose stones.

02 AMS2 (Automated Melee Screening2) is a revolutionary technological advance in the field of diamond melee screening that accepts a wider range of stone sizes and shapes with smaller minimum sizes at a much higher speed, giving a much lower referral rate than its predecessor.

03 The DiamondSure compact screening device is a protective and handy carry case designed to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetics and simulants. The instrument is intended for colourless or near-colourless stones, although it will distinguish yellow synthetics from natural cape yellow stones.

04 DiamondView looks at surface florescence by illuminating the diamond with shortwave ultraviolet light.

05 The SynthDetect XL (SDXL) base can replace the SynthDetect standard base and has the advantage of holding larger pieces of jewellery as well as multiple pieces.

06 The DiamondPlus is a compact screening device intended for use in all locations where polished diamonds are handled. It is primarily designed to screen for Type II high pressure high temperature (HPHT) treated natural diamonds.

The ASSURE Programme delivers ongoing testing of Diamond Verification Instruments to ensure the trade is fully informed of the relative performance of the Diamond Verification Instruments in the market. The instruments are rigorously tested in a transparent manner against a unique common sample and standard.

De Beers Group Ignite is proud to be the only technology provider, with four diamond verification instruments, which passed the ASSURE testing with outstanding results.

From Left to Right: DiamondSure, DiamondView, SynthDetect, AMS2



Educating The Industry

De Beers has conducted internal education for decades, bringing together some of the best courses and sharing its unrivalled experience of the diamond pipeline. Courses sharing 130 years of experience of the entire diamond pipeline from the world’s leading diamond experts. All courses and educational materials are developed by experts in each of these areas.

More information is available on our
official education website:


This course allows participants to extend their knowledge of diamonds beyond the 4Cs, drawing on insights from the full spectrum of the diamond pipeline.


A full day providing invaluable hands-on experience of grading, covering each of the 4Cs. By the end of the workshop students will be able to handle diamonds confidently and complete top line assessments of each of the 4Cs.


An online courese designed for anyone with an interest in developing or refreshing their understanding of the diamond pipeline. Students have the flexibility to complete the programme at their own pace, over a 4-month period.This course in internationally accredited by the CPD.


Learn how to grade diamonds using the 4Cs – a part theory, part practical course.


This one-day programme supports De Beers’ efforts to enhance customer confidence throughout the trade. It is delivered by tutors from the De Beers Group Research Facility.

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