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New York Medical Group and Keiser University Sign a Chiropractic Scholarship Cooperation Program

NEW YORK, US – Media
 – 18 January 2022 – New York Medical Group
(NYMG) and Keiser University entered into a doctoral scholarship cooperation.
The New York Medical Group will screen and recommend several outstanding
medical students to the United States to pursue a doctorate in chiropractic
every year, and the Keiser University School of Medicine will provide
scholarship funding. Eligible students will
be able to join EC Healthcare to provide
pain management services after completing the DC program.


Dr Steve
Yun, Director of Education at NYMG-Kaiser Program


have been multiple clinical studies in Hong Kong over the past two years,
indicating that poor posture can cause microtrauma and stress in the upper back
and neck area, and leads to pain and discomfort(1, 2, 3,
4), dizziness (5,6,7), numbness (8.9), gastrointestinal problems (10,11,12), and scoliosis (13,14)” Chairman, Dr Eric Chun-Pu Chu, Chiropractic
Doctors Association of Hong Kong said.

University, located in the southeastern state of Florida, is a comprehensive
university in the Southern Regional Association of Colleges and
Universities. The school provides
professional chiropractic course training, and the doctoral program has been
accredited by The Council on Chiropractic Education.


 “NYMG, as the chiropractic institute
which was tables as the top clinical case studies in the international studies (15), is responsible
for training a new generation of chiropractors. During the 40-month program,
students will pass seminars, lectures, laboratory and practical courses,
etc. Diversified learning, training and
growing into an outstanding chiropractor. Graduates can go through rotations of
19 medical departments under NYMG, learning artificial intelligence medicine,
advanced imaging diagnosis, and observe surgical procedures. They will be more
proficient in the chiropractic department with Robotic technology,” said Dr
Steve Yun, director of education at NYMG-Kaiser Program.

In view of the fact that the medical schools
in mainland China and Hong Kong are currently unable to provide specialized
education related to chiropractic, this academic cooperation project not only provides
a growth platform for talents, but also establish to further establish barriers
to entry of talents in the industry, consolidate the Industry leadership.


Looking forward to the future, healthcare
ecosystem will continue to strive to improve the competitiveness of talents in
different specialty brand fields, and build a more complete closed-loop
platform for big health, so that medical professionals can display their
professional skills, and continue to grow through lifelong learning, bringing
health to more people.



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