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Clean Care Expands To Include Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

 – 3 January 2022 – Clean Care, which began its
comprehensive cleaning services with upholstery cleaning has broadened its
range of services to encompass Laundry and Dry Cleaning services now. The
cleaning company that strives to upkeep environmental well-being by ensuring clean
and hygienic spaces at residential and commercial properties is well-positioned
to serve as a one-stop centre for a variety of cleaning needs.

Starting out with their deep cleaning services of upholstery
that can remove even the most stubborn of stains without compromising on the
delicate condition of the furniture, Clean Care has been instrumental in extending
the longevity of their customers’ carpet and sofa, while also safeguarding the
health and safety standards of these indoor spaces by ensuring the maximum
cleanliness of the upholstery. With this launch of new cleaning services, Clean
Care is now able to meet a spectrum of cleaning requirements by homeowners and
business owners.



One of the features of Clean Care Dry Cleaning’s new Professional Laundry

is that it only employs eco-friendly cleaning processes and utilise reusable
laundry bags for pickup and delivery services. Apart from being environmentally
conscious, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also ensures all laundry cleaning products
are of top-grade premium standards, and are free of any chlorine. Their
meticulous attention to detail in their professional laundry service also
permits for laundry to be classified by colour before being washed with an
in-wash detergent booster for enhanced cleaning performance, and a downy fabric
softener. In addition to these measures, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also
endeavours to meet any special requests from customers pertaining to their
professional laundry services and offers a door-to-door nationwide service to
collect and deliver the laundry to customers.



This seamless customer service of delivering the goods to
customer’s doorstep extends to their Dry Cleaning Services too. Using a naturally-sourced,
biodegradable cleaning solution along with the odourless and colourless liquid
silicone as a carrier for the detergent, which is devoid of any harsh chemical
components, Clean Care’s dry cleaning service can be effectively applied to
bespoke suits, dresses, wedding gowns, jackets, cushion covers, rugs and
bedspreads as it contains qualities for enhanced fabric care. The dry cleaning
procedure at Clean Care Dry Cleaning operates on a wet cleaning process that
typically uses 30% less water and 50% less energy than traditional wash cycles
seen at other dry cleaners. The wet cleaning process does not compromise on the
cleaning efficacy as the automatic washers at Clean Care Dry Cleaning
electronically detect the moisture levels of the garments being dried to
manipulate the detergent dosage, drum rotation, water flow and temperature in
accordance with the fabric of the garment to produce the most ideal dry
cleaning outcome possible. This double-pronged approach posits Clean Care Dry
Cleaning as a cleaning company that does not only serve their customers
optimally by recognising that every garment that is undergoing the dry cleaning
process is unique and important, but as also one that is mindful of its
environmental impact. For those garments and furnishings that customers
determine to be of higher value, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also offers specialist
care and meticulous handling.


“Clean Care prioritises customer satisfaction as the main
driver of their branding in the cleaning services industry in Singapore”,
affirms Mr. Jay Kwek, the marketing manager at Clean Care. “Our services are
also competitively priced to offer our customers the best value in the
marketplace”, says Mr. Kwek. With the laundry services and dry cleaning
services starting at $7 per shirt and $9 per item respectively, Clean Care has
an edge over the competition with affordable prices for their cleaning services.


Contact Clean Care to find out more information about
their cleaning services!


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