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Vihari Jewels’ new flagship store opens at Paragon amidst the ongoing pandemic

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 December 2021 – Fourth generation
private jeweller, Vihari Sheth-Poddar is ready to bring her eponymous brand,
VIHARI JEWELS, to the next level with the opening of its 1340 sqft store at
Paragon Shopping Mall, in the heart of Orchard Road. With the opening of a
flagship store, Vihari hopes to evolve her brand from an in-the-know business
to one that will be accessible to everyone and introduce the beauty of coloured
diamonds to more.

in 2006, VIHARI JEWELS has created a niche market for discerning clientele who
values heirloom pieces composed of rare, opulent, one-of-a-kind, investment
grade stones. More recently, the brand has also started offering a seasonal
line of trendier jewellery that, while more affordable, still boasts rare
stones that will carry their value across generations. Founded
and designed by ex-model Vihari Sheth Poddar, the mother of three brings
whimsicality, uniqueness and muted glamour to her collections inspired by

The store was
envisioned to feel like a museum and designed to be a creative space, simulating
an industrial mine – the heartbeat of where gemology and jewellery begin, so
that customers have the opportunity to learn about the origins of the various
stones. With an island bar taking centre stage on the shopfloor, Vihari hopes
customers would feel relaxed and comfortable to hang out in store, whether it’s
jewellery shopping or whiskey tasting.

To celebrate its flagship store’s opening, VIHARI
JEWELS has launched another exciting collection this holiday season with a
glamorous and luminescent selection of pieces that are reminiscent of the
brand’s commitment to celebrations and festivities while being enveloped in
familial love.

Titled “The Eternal Orchid”, the collection pays
homage to Singapore’s national flower – the Vanda Miss Joaquim, to celebrate
the jewellery house’s very first boutique in the city that has become home to
its founder. Inspired by the orchid’s rare attribute of exhibiting symmetry
which mirrors the exceptional symmetry found in VIHARI JEWELS’ diamonds, the 7-piece
collection showcases bold and sophisticated pieces with understated glamour.
Orchids also served as the muse as they can thrive for up to a hundred years in
the right environment – considered a lifetime to plants; similar to the lasting
power of natural diamonds that are forever.

Hailing from a long line of jewellers, Vihari
credits her father as her greatest mentor and her brother as her reliable
partner who is responsible for the
sourcing and cutting of all the diamonds she uses, giving her an edge over
other jewellers. “The
pandemic has led to certain constraints, especially on cross-border travel, but
it has also given rise to new ways of doing business, hence I felt it was the
right time to expand my business and reach out to more customers who are
looking for alternative assets investments. We have also used this time to
establish a strong digital presence and focused on customer relationship
management,” Vihari shares.

With the ongoing
Covid19 pandemic and the decline of large-scale events, Vihari notes that
there’s been a shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to gems and trendier,
quirkier and less formal pieces are more in demand and the jewellery house
continues to create conversation pieces that are perfect for intimate

Tying old traditions with new memories, the 15 year
old jewellery house looks set to herald a new dawn with more engaging lifestyle
events and one-of-a-kind designs at its new location. Vihari also aims to educate clients on how to select
jewellery and provide consultations for those who would like to know which pieces
are a good fit for their private collections.

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