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“Finetic” Launched Self-Developed Investment Analysis System on the Intelligent Stock Selection Platform

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 September 2021 – Finetic, a Hong Kong-based intelligent  stock selection and investment education platform  has developed its own AI-assisted investment  analysis system, which provides weekly picks of quality stocks in major global  markets, including  Hong Kong, China and  the U.S.. The selection is made by machine-learning analysis of the most  up-to-date data of about 2,500 listed companies in Hong Kong, in conjunction  with technical analysis as well as review of a unique combination of the  factors affecting company stock performance.

HO Man Ho, Percival, Founder and CEO of Finetic

Finetic’s automatic selection process helps  users avoid emotional decision-making and speed up the investment research  process contributing to a more profitable outcome in stock investment. Given  the unpredictability of the stock market, it takes a long time for individual  investors to develop and practice investment skills. Finetic is also offering  educational tools and guidance that can simplify the learning curve and further  increase the return on investment.

Relaunch of Enhanced System and Algorithm

Mr. Ho Man-ho, Percival, Founder of Finetic and an  experienced investor, created a stock analysis program known as Percival Core  (the “system”) in 2005. The system collected, analysed and quantified basic and  technical (price/volume) data of all Hong Kong stocks. The outcome of the  process is a selection of “high-growth stocks”, which have a strong foundation  and technical characteristics (high potential in substantial price surges). The  system has recently been improved with AI components allowing for analysis of  even more data and correlations as well as self-learning for better investment  outcomes. Apart from data analysis, the improvements allow pattern recognition  (including cup and handle, double-bottom, and bottom flat patterns), giving  references to users for research and execution of precise investment  strategies.

Percival said that thanks to the system, he  has been able to maintain his capital strength for stock investment over the  past 16 years, and managed to avoid the impacts of the 2008 financial crisis.  In view of Percival Core’s performance, from 2018 onwards, Percival started  licensing the system-generated stock selection results then known as Amelia and  Swing to third party distributors. In early 2021, Percival stopped licensing  the results to third parties due to differences over cooperation terms.

However, many users still wanted the stock selection results. In response to  popular demand, Percival founded Finetic Ltd., a new intelligent stock  selection platform through which the Percival Core system was relaunched into
the market in May 2021. Apart from technical design and user experience  enhancements, an investor education component directly supervised by Percival  has been added to better facilitate users to make profits from investing in
quality and profitable stocks. Finetic Chief of Staff Virginia Chan said “The Sunday Club webinars hosted by
Percival on the platform are well received by our members. At the events,  members can acquire stock investment basics from Percival’s experience sharing  and insights. Participants can also have their investment-related questions  addressed.”

Functions to Optimise Stock Selection Precision

Finetic has further upgraded the system by  introducing a “Reinforcement Learning” algorithm – creating a complex
environment for the AI system to nurture its self-learning capability in the  volatile stock market. Percival has also equipped Finetic with a ‘supercomputer’  (data science workstation) costing over US$25,000 to train the AI system to  better perform stock selection. The “Reinforcement Learning” algorithm has the  capability of outsmarting its designer and ideation.

By receiving AI-recognised ‘rewards’ whenever  Percival Core identifies good stocks, the AI learns from its actions. Through  simulated transactions and a track record of stock picks that go through a  price surge, the system begins to self-learn and discover the requisite  parameters of stocks with explosive growth potential.

Finetic is currently applying this advanced  technology to the research of stock buy and sell points and is near the final  testing phase. Once finalized, Percival Core will be able to find stocks with  growth potential as well as their best buy and sell points, which will  significantly increase the chance of positive investment returns. Successful
deployment of this technology will also provide Finetic with more favorable  conditions and advantages to develop in the B2B market.

In November, Finetic will participate in  Fintech Week 2021, which is co-organised by the Hong Kong Financial Services  and the Treasury Bureau and InvestHK. At the exhibition, Finetic will showcase  a range of products and services, along with the artificial intelligence  pattern recognition technology. That will be an occasion for finance
professionals and the investing public to learn more about Finetic’s  technologies and business development.

Looking  to Enter the International Market

The Percival Core engine has seen continuous  improvements since 2005, weathering numerous market shocks including the 2008  financial crisis and COVID-19. Finetic is proud to develop in the well  regulated and organised financial sector of Hong Kong, and is eager to take its  experience forward to service other international markets.

“Finetic has a complete and effective  stock selection system catering for the Hong Kong, China A-Share and U.S. stock  markets. Its offerings include a complete list of quality stock selections, market  analysis and investor tools. In the future, it is planning to further expand  its offerings and global audience. Stock selection services for different
countries/regions such as Taiwan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom will be  launched subsequently in short succession.”


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