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Stay Warm this Winter with Usha Room Heaters


Awide array of sleek and stylish room heaters equipped with the best-in-class technology and features to help you stay cosy this season

New Delhi , 12th January, 2021 ( Odisha Samachar )-:It’s that time of the year again when the biting cold seems to breach every layer of clothing you may have on, and the only thing that will come to your rescue is the warmth that the room heater emanates cocooning you in its cozy comfort.Thanks to product advancements, today there is a wide range of room heaters that keep us shielded from the freezing cold and make us comfortable at our homes andoffices. Given the wide variety of choice, buying a room heater can be confusing, so here a lowdown on some of Usha International’s best-selling room heaters.

The room heating solutions from Usha International, one of India’s most trusted brands, are handyappliances that can be moved from one place to another without making much effort and ensure an even spread of warmth. Well known to heat up the room quickly and quietly, Usha room heaters are light weight and sleek.

Usha Oil Filled Radiatorsprovide the highest heating efficiency and the most comfortable experience with silent operation. The room heater comes with fans for instant heating of the room. These OFR’s are elegant and stylish in design and the best choice to maintain ambient temperatures for prolonged periods. These room heaters are equipped withPositive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology which provide safer, faster, and longer lasting heating while saving electricity costs, making them one of the best products in their class.

Available with 1 year warranty, Usha Oil Filled Radiators are priced INR Rs. 11,390/- onwards.

Usha Fan Room Heaters areknown for instant heating and comfort from the harsh winter chillsThese are best used for directional and spot/personal heating. These heaters provide heat by passing air over a heated element with the help of a fan. They are compact and portable, easy to carry around as you move from one room to the other. The fan room heaters are also equipped with Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, these heaters give an unbeatable combination of safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Available with a 1 year warranty, Usha Fan Room Heaters are priced INR 3,090/- onwards.

Usha Radiant Heaters work on the technology of luminescent heating i.e. heating through light. Once the electricity is passed through the elements of these heaters, they emit a glow and release infrared radiation. These waves of radiation, heat the area in the vicinity of the device, making one warm and cozy. This is the most natural form of heating and simulates the kind of heat we get from the sun. This range includes Halogen and Quartz room heaters.

Usha Halogen Heatersare the newest technology which uses a  combination of extra-long heating halogen tubes along with high-grade reflectors for an uninterrupted, energy saving and efficient heating experience. They are also equipped with a wide angle oscillation function to ensure even heating across the room.

Available with 1 year warranty, Usha Halogen room heaters are priced INR 3,490/- onwards.


Usha Quartz Heaters efficientlyheat up an area with the help of radiation technology. The conventional rod heaters upgraded with Quartz tubes equipped with high grade reflectors to heat a larger areaeffectively. Quartz tubes are quick to heat and consume low power, hence making these heaters efficient, budget friendly and economical heat generators.

Available with 1 year warranty, Usha Quartz room heaters are priced INR 1,790/- onwards.

This entire range of Usha room heaters promises safe, healthy, and effective heating and are very convenient to use as they come equipped with variable heat settings, dust filters for preventing dust, adjustable thermostat, and a power indicator light.

With stylish and innovative heating technology,these room heating solutions are the perfect choice to keep your family healthy, warm and safe during thechilly winter season!

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