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Bhimrao’s family under Maharaj’s wrath!



&TV’s Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R Ambedkar presents a never-told-before life story of the extraordinary personality – Dr B.R. Ambedkar, his crusading spirit how he became the precursor of united India, recently completed its 200th episode. The upcoming episodes have high-voltage drama in-store, where Bhim’s world comes crashing down. His bua, Meerabai (Falguni Dave) is injured because of the upper cast. Maharaj on the other hand, plans to hurt Bhimrao (Aayudh Bhanushali) and trouble his family, he, therefore, orchestrates Meerabai’s near-death fall. She needs to be rushed to the hospital in an emergency and for that, Bhimabai (Neha Joshi) requires a chaarpai to carry Meerabai to the hospital. She is left with no option but to give away her gold earrings in exchange for a chaarpai. Bhim sees his father washing plates, sweeping, and mopping. How all of this will affect Bhim? Elaborating further on this episode, Neha Joshi (Bhimabai) says, “This episode highlights the undying love between Bhimrao and his family. They are each other’s pillar of strength and face every situation with utmost grit and courage. But this injustice inflicted on the mother, and Bua moves Bhimrao who is deeply affected by it. The episode has a lot of emotions, drama, and heart-wrenching scenes that are bound to move the audience to tears.”

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