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AIA Elite Funds marked its third-year anniversary with strong Assets Under Management (AUM) growth for the affluent segment with AIA Elite strategy

Media OutReach – 4 October 2022 – AIA Singapore marked the third anniversary of AIA Elite Funds by delivering strong performance for customers, including making it in the top quartile[1] among its peer group of funds by achieving one of the highest annualised net returns and significant asset under management (AUM) growth in Singapore. As of end August 2022, the AIA Elite Adventurous Fund being the largest fund within the AIA Elite portfolio, achieved annualised returns of 7.37%, based on a three-year period. Total AUM of AIA Elite Funds is over S$900 million, representing average annual growth rate of more than 400% over the last three years. The AIA Elite Adventurous Fund accounts for approximately 70% of total AUM reflecting quality investment management.

Till today, the innovative AIA Elite Funds remains Singapore’s only ILP funds offering customers access to a unique proposition managed by the professional stewardship of the world’s finest institutional investors; Baillie Gifford, Capital Group, Wellington Management, and BlackRock – powered by AIA’s investment management capabilities.

Liu Chun Yen, Chief Investment Officer, AIA Singapore and member of the Sustainability in Insurance Committee (SIC) in Singapore says, “Aligning with AIA’s Elite strategy, we launched the AIA Elite Funds in 2019 to address the crucial gap for the affluent to meet both their wealth creation goals and protection needs, based on their respective investment time horizon. The success of our strategy led to the launch of multiple innovative Investment Linked Plans (ILPs) in 2022 alone. This includes
AIA Elite Secure Income, the first-in-market affordable, capital guaranteed ILP, and
AIA Platinum Wealth Legacy, the first-in-market ILP with no lapse privilege benefit till up to age 100. Both products provide customers access to AIA Elite Funds.”

“Today’s concerns about rising inflation and cost of living also underscore the importance of protecting and growing wealth wisely. At AIA Singapore, we are well-placed to continue providing customers a sustainable way of achieving this through our AIA Elite Funds, helping them with wealth accumulation, management and protection while mitigating unfavourable economic headwinds.”

Through strong collaboration with strategic partners and leveraging AIA Singapore’s proven expertise and capabilities, the company is also co-developing and carefully curating more customised solutions which are aligned with sustainable themes for the long-term within the AIA Elite Funds. The multi-layer value creation chain is focused on driving long-term investments while remaining nimble to make opportunistic investments which provide value and quality.

The AIA Elite Funds were launched in 2019 through the AIA Platinum Wealth Elite plan to address a critical gap for the affluent; a single plan to meet both their wealth creation goals and protection needs based on their respective investment time horizon. There are 3 different portfolios in USD and SGD respectively –
AIA Elite Conservative,
AIA Elite Balanced, and
AIA Elite Adventurous – offered under various plans including the
AIA Platinum Wealth Elite,
AIA Platinum Retirement Elite,
AIA Platinum Wealth Legacy,
AIA Elite Secure Income and
AIA Pro Achiever, catering to the diverse needs and risk profiles of AIA customers.

AIA Singapore reaffirmed its focus on wealth protection and management earlier this year by launching a new proposition
Wealthbeing by AIA – the pairing of wealth and well-being – as the company continues to accelerate efforts to meet the underserved needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) to grow their wealth for the long-term while protecting their lifestyles from market volatility as well as unexpected life events. It is forecasted that by 2030, the number of millionaires in Singapore as a share of its population will exceed that of the United States, China or any other economy in the Asia Pacific region[2].

To this end, AIA Investments, manages over US$330 billion of assets[3] and has one of the largest teams in the Asia-Pacific region, with over 250 investment professionals, focused on delivering superior long-term sustainable returns for its clients.

For more information on the AIA Elite Funds, please visit:

[1] Information is based on Morningstar USD Aggressive Allocation peer comparison category, as of 31 August 2022

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