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‘Vedam Healthcare’ is providing super-specialist healthcare services in Itarsi and surrounding towns

Bhopal, 6/12/2021: There are still many people in our country who can neither afford proper health services nor have any knowledge about their medical condition and treatment. Getting all the medical facilities in small towns is another important issue. In such a situation, Dr. Sandesh Khandelwal, leaving behind his name and fame in Bangalore, has emerged as an angel for the people, for providing a wide range of medical services in his city Itarsi. Born and brought up in Itarsi, Dr. Sandesh Khandelwal is a Neurosurgeon. His wife Dr. Ruma Khandelwal is also serving the city with him as a pediatrician.

Dr. Sandesh Khandelwal has started his clinic in Itarsi named ‘Vedam Healthcare’, which is one of its first providing super-specialist services in town. He bought many medical equipments from his savings and today he stands beside countless people as the protector of their lives. Dr. Sandesh is offering weekly services in Hoshangabad, Nasrullaganj, and Itarsi and is committed to expanding it to other smaller areas in the vicinity.

Emphasizing the situation, Dr. Sandesh Khandelwal says, “Big cities have a long way to go in making real progress in the medical field. There are many facilities, which are still under-appreciated in the surrounding healthcare centers especially in the case of neurosurgery. It is really necessary to lay the foundation of medical facilities and neurosurgery in small towns and cities. Many patients in the country have to face lots of problems going to other cities and raising a huge sum of money for their treatment. Apart from these, it is also very important to get the right treatment at the right time. If there is an urgent need to perform surgery, patients living in remote areas have no way out. This is why I am focusing on providing medical services in Itarsi, Nasrullaganj, and Hoshangabad, and in the future, I plan to expand in nearby areas of Itarsi like Harda, Betul, etc,”

Notably, Dr. Sandesh had a better option of living in Bangalore after having a degree from premier institutes of the country. The location was most favorable for him in terms of the availability of infrastructure and financial aspects. But, he simply couldn’t ignore the sufferings of the people of his city and finally decided to continue his medical practice in Itarsi and nearby areas. His dream is to start neurosurgery in this area so that the patients do not have to travel to big cities for treatment. Currently, he is also working in JK Hospital, Bhopal.

He has successfully operated on 6 cases in 2 weeks under the association with Ayushman Yojana. He plans to develop this incomparable initiative in a phased manner to provide easy treatment to patients and welcome all those who want to invest and join in his objective of expanding the horizon of super-specialist medical services in small towns.

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