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Baba Ramdev Vs IMA : Let’s reject the extrmist views of both sides.

The controversy regarding Baba Ramdev’s sweeping comments against Allopathy and allopathic doctors has got worse. He has been a critic of Allopathy for a long time. But this time more controversy arouse as his statement allegedly violates the pandemic laws. From both sides we are listening extremist views. Someone is saying that more people have died by taking Allopathic medicines than not taking them. Someone is saying that Ayurvedic medicines don’t work and they may let the patient detoriate.
It is true that Baba Ramdev has contributed greatly to the research and development of highly effective, safe and inexpensive Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Under his leadership Ayurveda has come of age and giving tough fight against the expensive Allopathic treatment methods having side effects. But still Ayurveda is not a cure all for all the diseases of the modern time. Ayurveda is more effective as a method for the prevention of the diseases. But for the treatment of emergency and serious diseases, only allopathy is the solution. Last year Baba Ramdev’s associate Acharya Balkrishna was treated in AIIMS for one of his emergency medical situation . Baba Ramdev’s another associate Rajiv Dikshit also had died of heart attack some years ago. Baba Ramdev had agreed publicly that Rajiv died as he refused to do by-pass surgery or to take Allopathic medicines in his emergency situation.
On the other hand we know that it is Allopathy and Allopathic doctors who have cured 22 lakh Corona patients in the last one year. It is Allopathy only which has produced vaccines which is accepted as the only deterrent against Corona infection. About 1000 Allopathic doctors and health workers have been martyred in this war against COVID in our country. But still there are valid questions about the over use of steroids and inefficacy of allopathic medicines.
 I myself have seen that Baba Ramdev’s Coronil tablet is working faster and more effective for sore throat than Azithromycine or Amoxcylline. Even I myself have used Ayurvedic method for my fissures problem which saved me from an expensive Allopathic surgery of about 85000 Rs. For my skin itching problems , Baba Ramdev’s Kayakalp vati has helped me lot. At the same time Allopathy has cured me from many serious diseases which I can’t even count.
So that means both the medical sciences have their pros and cons. Our society need both the medical methods and should take the advantage of both the streams. In this 21st century such exclusivist approach is not good. Thus nobody should give sweeping statements against the other medical streams. It will weaken our war against COVID.
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