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Reliance Jewels unveils Vindhya Collection marking Akshaya Tritiya Celebrations


Bollywood diva Disha Patani unveiled the new jewellery collection adding a touch of glamour to the festive occasion

Mumbai, 23/4/2024 ( Odisha Samachar )- Reliance Jewels, India’s leading jewellery brand, continues its tradition of celebrating festivals with unique and exquisite collections, by introducing the Vindhya collection on Akshaya Tritiya this year. Ninth in its iconic ‘Jewels of India’ collection series, Vindhya is inspired by the rich artistic traditions of Madhya Pradesh. Fashion icon and Bollywood diva Disha Patani unveiled the exclusive festive collection at a special event at the Reliance Jewels’ store in Varanasi.

Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious festival signifying prosperity and abundance in the Hindu culture, is considered to be the perfect occasion for buying jewellery. Celebrating the occasion, the Reliance Jewels Vindhya Collection offers a stunning array of jewellery pieces that pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendour of Madhya Pradesh. Each piece is intricately crafted with designs inspired by famous monuments of Madhya Pradesh such as the Gwalior Fort, the Stupa of Sanchi, the Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain, and the Mitaoli and Bateshwar Temples.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels, said, “The launch of the Vindhya Collection this Akshaya Tritiya marks our commitment to celebrating India’s diverse cultural heritage. Inspired by the rich traditions of Madhya Pradesh, this collection is the ninth in our ‘Jewels of India’ series and stands as our testament to showcasing Indian art and craftsmanship.”

He further added: “Akshaya Tritiya is the ideal occasion for buying jewellery as it symbolises wealth and prosperity, and this year, we offer our customers a unique opportunity to bring home prosperity through the Vindhya collection! The exquisite collection symbolises not just prosperity and elegance but also the enduring celebratory spirit of Akshaya Tritiya and our brand, Reliance Jewels.”

Actress Disha Patani, while unveiling the collection at Reliance Jewels’ Varanasi store, expressed her excitement, stating, ” Each piece in this collection is a masterpiece reflecting the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendour of Madhya Pradesh. Personally, I am in love with the diamond necklace design, which beautifully amalgamates elements from various temples in Ujjain. It isn’t just jewellery; it’s a true symbol of tradition and beauty that is a must have in every wardrobe.”

Crafted with precision, the Vindhya collection offers a diverse range of jewellery pieces, from finely crafted chokers to intricately designed bangles available in gold and diamond variants. The Vindhya Collection is not just jewellery; it is a celebration of tradition, elegance, and timeless beauty. Perfect for adorning a traditional saree for a festive occasion or adding a touch of glamour to a contemporary ensemble, as well as to your daily wear, each piece exudes elegance and sophistication, making it ideal for celebrating Akshaya Tritiya in style.

The Vindhya collection marks the latest addition to Reliance Jewels extraordinary series ‘Jewels of India’, highlighting India’s diverse regions, traditions, architecture and craftsmanship. While Vindhya draws inspiration from Madhya Pradesh’s artistic finesse and timeless elegance, the eight previous collections in the series have been a testament to the beauty of India:

  • Swarn Banga collection pays homage to Bengal’s poetic beauty and cultural heritage
  • Thanjavur collection found inspiration in the historical richness of Thanjavur, the capital of the Chola Empire.
  • Mahalaya collection idolised the grandeur of Maharashtra
  • Rannkaar collection captures the stark beauty of the Rann of Kutch
  • Kaasyam collection gleams with the splendour of Banaras
  • Utkala collection evokes the vibrancy of coastal OdishaThe Atulyaa collection showcases Rajasthan’s royal heritage and Mughal-era opulence
  • And the Apurvam collection portrays the architectural magnificence of Hampi.

The Vindhya Collection is now available at all Reliance Jewels stores. Customers can explore and adorn themselves with these captivating pieces, ushering in prosperity and abundance, this Akshaya Tritiya season.

About Vindhya Collections:

The Vindhya Collection by Reliance Jewels is a captivating fusion of heritage and modernity, inspired by the rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship of Madhya Pradesh. With pieces drawing inspiration from iconic landmarks and mythical tales, each item encapsulates the timeless elegance and opulence of the region. From finely crafted chokers to intricately designed earrings and bangles, the Vindhya Collection offers a stunning range of gold and diamond jewellery, inviting prosperity and celebration into the lives of its patrons.

About Reliance Jewels:


Reliance Jewels is a part of Reliance Retail Ltd. and operates 400+ stores in showrooms and shop-in shops across 200+ cities. Reliance Jewels offers a spectacular range of gold, diamond, and silver jewellery collections. With a focus on design and craftsmanship, the brand aims to offer its customers exclusive and unique designer collections inspired by art, craft, and the rich Indian heritage.

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