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–   JIO AIRFIBER bringing Jio Digital Life benefits to every home and small business by overcoming the challenges of last-mile connectivity

–  Provides an opportunity for TV and broadband users to upgrade to world-class home entertainment, broadband and digital experience, transforming India into a Premier Digital Society

Bhubaneswar, 21/02/2024( Odisha Samachar )- In a significant development, JioAirFiber, the integrated end-to-end solution for home entertainment, smart home services and high-speed broadband, is now available in over 250 towns and hundreds of villages adjoining these towns across Odisha. The service which was launched in Odisha in November last year has overcome the last mile connectivity challenges faced by wired broadband connectivity and is delivering an elevated digital life experience to users across the country.

Today, Jio’s optical fiber infrastructure spans over 1.5 million kilometres across India. Yet, providing physical last-mile connectivity often ends up taking a lot of time in most parts of our country. This leaves millions of potential customers without home broadband, due to the complexities and delays involved in extending optical fiber to their premises.

This is where JioAirFiber comes in, to accelerate connectivity in premises. Overcoming the challenges of last-mile connectivity, JioAirFiber connects every home and small business which earlier didn’t have access to quality home entertainment and broadband, due to the complexities involved in extending optical-fiber to their premises. From IT professionals working from home to small hotels and restaurants, entrepreneurs, digital studios, educational institutions, small business owners and individual households, JioAirFiber has become the most sought after and reliable high speed broadband service provider in hundreds small and big towns across Odisha.

JioAirFiber has provided an opportunity to TV and broadband users to upgrade to a world-class latest home entertainment, broadband and digital experience. Additionally, JioAirFiber offers free after-sales service, thus enabling further savings for customers.

The move towards JioAirFiber connections signifies a profound change in the entertainment consumption habits of the Indian population. Unlike the DTH services, which have been criticized for their susceptibility to service disruptions caused by weather conditions and technical faults, JioAirFiber connections offer a robust and reliable alternative. It not only guarantees uninterrupted service but also provide superior performance, making them an attractive option for consumers. The rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) apps and platforms such as Jio Cinema and JioTV, have played a pivotal role in this transition.

These platforms, accessible via JioAirFiber connections, offer a rich array of HD content including live sports, the latest movies, web series and popular TV shows, catering to the varied tastes of Indian viewers.

As the country continues to navigate through this affordable entertainment evolution, the preference for Jio AirFiber connections over DTH services is a testament to the changing dynamics of the Indian entertainment landscape.

JioAirFiber plans offer unlimited data at 30 Mbps speed for Rs 599, 100 Mbps speed plans at Rs 899 and Rs 1199. All these plans offer 550+ digital TV channels and subscription to popular OTT apps. While 14 popular OTT platforms are available with Rs. 599 and Rs. 899 plans, the Rs. 1199 plan offers access to 16+ popular OTT apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Jio Cinema Premium.

JioAirFiber provides the best-in-class value proposition & plans as JioFiber and enables:

  1. Digital Entertainment
  2. All leading 550+ Digital TV Channels: All your favourite TV channels available in high definition
  3. Catch-up TV: Users can now go back as long as they want and pull out their favourite shows
  4. The most popular 16+ OTT Apps: JioAirFiber users get free access to the leading OTT apps. Users can also utilize this subscription and use the apps across any device of their choice such as TV, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.

  1. Broadband
  2. Indoor WiFi Service: Jio’s reliable WiFi connectivity and high-speed broadband experience in every corner of your house or business premise.
  3. Smart Home service:
  4. Cloud PC for Education and Work-from-home
  5. Security and Surveillance solutions
  6. Healthcare
  7. Education
  8. Smart Home IOT
  9. Gaming
  10. Home Networking

  1. Home Devices at no additional cost:
  2. WiFi router for ubiquitous coverage in your home or business premise
  3. 4k Smart Set Top Box
  4. Voice-active remote

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