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Preface Launches Up-to-date Coding Class Featuring AI Application

Media OutReach – 6 September 2023 – AI has become an integral part of our daily lives, and its influence on children is no exception. From voice-activated assistants to interactive smart toys, AI is seamlessly woven into various aspects of children’s lives. With a mission to enlighten young minds, Preface is proud to present the personalised experiences and tailored
coding class for kids that not only cater to each child’s unique learning needs, but also stay on top of the rising AI trends, fostering curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

How AI Revolutionises the Way of Education

Traditional educational methods are gradually giving way to more innovative and AI-driven approaches. The conventional “one-size-fits-all” model is being replaced by personalised learning paths that consider individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences. Other than designing course outlines for a vast array of topics such as
AI art tutorial,
AI video course and
robotics course, AI algorithms can also analyse vast amounts of data to identify the most effective teaching methods, helping educators optimise their approach and tailor content to suit each student’s learning pace.

Furthermore, AI enhances collaboration and communication between teachers, students, and parents. Real-time data and insights allow educators to monitor progress and address learning challenges promptly. This collaborative ecosystem nurtures a supportive learning environment that boosts children’s confidence and academic performance.

Understanding the Impacts of AI for Kids

As AI increasingly becomes an integral part of society, it is a must for everyone to embrace this technology and understand its potential. Take the trending ChatGPT as an example, in order to fully leverage its responsiveness, some might consider taking a
prompt engineering course. By adopting AI mindfully and responsibly, children can harness its power to enhance their learning experiences and shape their future positively.

Preface in Full Support of AI-powered Education

Preface is committed to empowering the next generation with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Preface’s Regular Programme together with
AI bootcamp for children offers a comprehensive tech learning experience to unlock your child’s potential. With a T-shaped development approach, Preface provides a range of core and elective subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education. Preface’s programme consists of four streams that cater to different interests and aspirations.

In the
Core stream, Preface equips students with essential knowledge and skill sets for success in the modern world.

  1. Code Engineering focuses on building a solid foundation in coding and practical application development, nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities from an early age.
  2. For those interested in AI, Preface’s
    AI Prompt Engineering Course centres around AI tools like ChatGPT combined with coding languages, teaching students how to create interactive applications and co-pilot with AI for next-level coding.

Elective stream encourages creativity and innovation with a breadth of knowledge.

  1. In
    Creative Media Design, students explore generative AI tools, create innovative art portfolios, and develop video skills for compelling content.
  2. On the other hand, the
    Aerospace Course & Robotics Engineering Course take students on an exciting journey into space and robotics, teaching astronomy theories and applications, and challenging them to build a fully functional satellite.

Preface is keen to ensure the curriculum remains up-to-date, offering milestone checkpoints to track their progress continuously.

Known for the immersive
Coding Bootcamp in Hong Kong, Preface goes beyond traditional coding schools by providing real-world projects, hackathons, and global exposure to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Join today and witness how Preface empowers innovators everywhere to turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s solutions.

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