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BingX will be the First CEX to List SEI Coin, Airdrop Guide Released in May

Media OutReach – 14 August 2023 – BingX, a cryptocurrency exchange , is excited to announce the launch of the Layer 1 public chain project SEI on August 15th, becoming one of the first CEXs to launch
SEI coin. At the same time, the airdrop guide for SEI tokens was also released earlier on May 31st to help users understand the related activities of token airdrops.
SEI stands as a
layer 1 public blockchain operating within the
COSMOS ecosystem, with a specific emphasis on fostering
decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Garnering a valuation of $800 million and backed by $100 million in funding, SEI has swiftly risen to prominence, joining the ranks of notable public blockchain endeavors like Aptos and Sui. What sets SEI apart from Aptos and Sui is its strategic decision to harness the power of the COSMOS ecosystem rather than constructing its own from scratch. This deliberate approach enables SEI to channel its energies into DeFi pursuits, culminating in a substantial surge in transactions per second (TPS) to approximately 20,000—a remarkable 80% surge compared to the capabilities of COSMOS. Additionally, SEI’s technological methodology encompasses the parallel processing of blockchain transactions, setting it apart from conventional queuing methodologies.
In order to foster community involvement, SEI has set aside 1% of the token supply for
SEI airdrops. The team at QA.BingX has introduced a detailed airdrop handbook to streamline community engagement. This guide presents a series of clear steps, guaranteeing that users can effortlessly access their test tokens and accrue points by taking part in airdrop missions. By successfully accomplishing designated tasks, participants have the opportunity to amass points, which subsequently dictate the quantity of tokens they receive in the airdrop distribution.

BingX is committed to conducting thorough evaluations of projects featured on its platform. A dedicated team of skilled researchers diligently analyzes the inherent risks associated with new coin projects before granting them a place on the exchange. This stringent evaluation process ensures that only projects meeting the highest standards are showcased on BingX’s prestigious spot trading platform.

Moreover, BingX maintains vigilant supervision over the stability and performance of projects listed on its platform, even after their initial introduction to the trading arena. This ongoing assessment phase enables BingX to reassess the project’s suitability for potential inclusion on its
Futures trading platform. Through this meticulous approach, BingX aims to minimize potential risks for traders and establish a trading environment that is both secure and reliable.

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