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THE DURGACHARITRAMANAS –Conveyed in simple language for easy understanding &imitation through book and its AV by Paramhans Swami Aagamanad Ji Maharaj.

The DurgacharitramanasGranth- audio and video versions released on 3rd September 2021 to the public at the Agriculture Office in Bhagalpur, Bihar. “Shrimad JagatguruRamchandracharya Anant Shri VibhushitShivshakti Yoga Peethadheeshwar Sant Shiromani Paramhans Swami Aagamanad Ji Maharaj” is the book’s author. Bhajan Samrat Dr. Himanshu Mohan Mishra “Deepak” has given his voice to develop this AV.

The core elements of Shri Markandeya Purana can be conveyed in simple language like Shri Ramcharitmanas, which is the main goal of this book’s composition& AV. We hope that this book & AV will help to communicate the basic messages of Durga Saptashati to the general public, protecting and preserving Sanatan Dharma in the process for simple understanding & imitation to the mass.

We look forward to the full support of our audience with regards to Shri Durgacharitramanasbook & AV in reaching out to the masses through all of your social, electronic, digital, and other channels of communication. People who believeSanatan culture can contribute to the service of Sanatan Dharma by giving it as a present to family members, and we highly expect you will join us in this sacred work and continue to be blessed by God’s grace.

Please visit the youtube channel and website for a more in-depth look at the magnificence of SwamiaagmanandPariwar.

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 About the Author :

After completion of B.A. Hindi Hons, He has completed his Master degree (MA) from University dept of Hindi, TilkaManjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur.

untill 1993 he believed in social development of people and also emphasized on balanced like by opting to the root of human life i.e. Religion, Culture & Spirituality. He is also engaged in various religious talks, kirtan etc.and this process continued upto 2005.

In 2006 he established a Kali mandir in Balia Belon, Katihar. At first in 2007 he released his spiritual talk on Srimadbhagwada Katha. He is multi-dimensional and multifaceted figure. He is simple, easily available, cordial,thinker of equilibrium state and of helping attitude by nature. He is more softer even than a flower in behavior however, more stronger than a rock in Sadhana and Karmyoga. Basically he is dedicated to the publicity of ancient India Sanatan Dharma. He is responsible and sincere to all the religions, followers as well. He is spending his maximum time in logical, characteristics and multi-dimensional development of all the living and non-livings of this universe (Sampurn Chara-Achar Jagat) Durgacharitmanas is his Nobel composition. He is also a main pillar of traditional Indiareligion. Sri Shiv Shakti YogapithTrust, Kolkata, West Bengal (Reg. No. 3593/ 2011) was established for the welfare of Society and helpless people in 2011.Swami ji is the Founder and Chairman of this trust. These days welfare activities is going at top speed but, this trust is still in its infancy due to ignorance towards money, Spiritual thoughts and dedication of Swami ji. Followers (Bhaktas) are nurturing and developing the trust gradually. The purpose and the work of this trust is of great value. In summary the main aim of this Trust is organising spiritual function. Establishment of Matha, Mandir, Dharmashala. Goshala and Hospitals along with helping victims of natural disasters, poor people,children and women. Hence, Shiv Shakti Yogapith is developing gradually in its great aim towards society.

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