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ONLYOU Shifts Focus To Online Korean Classes In Wake Of New Restrictions

 – 31 May 2021  ONLYOU Korean Language School has announced its plan
to focus on its online Korean
in the wake of tightening measures from the Singapore
government to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Korean language school experienced a
relatively smooth transition to online classes last year, with the development
of online, face-to-face software, such as Zoom, providing the teachers with the
flexibility to customise their lessons with the same engagement and active
interactions as an on-site classroom. This successful
switch has encouraged the school to place greater emphasis on online learning
following the latest restrictions announced by the government.


The shift to online learning has made it possible for
some students who have travelled abroad to continue their Korean learning
journey online. Despite initial concerns about a virtual classroom, reception
to the switch has been largely positive. Many students were encouraged by the
numerous interactions between them and their teachers and the continuation of
the non-conventional approach to their lessons.


Various on-site class activities focused on oral
interaction have been successfully integrated into the online classes. For
example, students are often paired into several groups to discuss and practise
their Korean together. This activity occurs multiple times in each lesson.
Additionally, they are also tasked with creating presentation slides that they
have to present to the class. Their classmates then take turns asking questions
about their presentation afterwards.


The teachers have also sought to incorporate several
game activities such as role-play, where participants are assigned the roles of
shopkeeper and customer. The pair then have to communicate with each other in
Korean to mimic the selling and purchasing of daily goods in real life. Learning
also extends beyond the walls of the virtual classrooms as the teachers have
created various group chat sessions to encourage students to communicate with
each other using the Korean expressions they learned in class. Even with online
learning barriers, ONLYOU has continued to find ways to motivate students to
practise their Korean and clarify any doubts they have during their online


However, this change has also brought about various logistical hurdles
that had to be navigated to ensure the shift occurred without a hitch. Every
student was required to download an e-learning platform to facilitate the
switch to online learning. The teachers and students also had to get to grips
with the new software and its various features due to their unfamiliarity with
the platform. To resolve this issue, the school came up with an instructional
video guide and distributed it to the staff and students to assist them with
any problems they face with the software. The platform has also allowed the
students to inform their teachers when they require assistance via the ‘ask for
help’ feature. This prompt has benefitted both parties as the nature of the
online class made it challenging for the teachers to observe every student and
respond promptly to any queries.


Additionally, the switch to online learning has resulted in a change in the
school’s teaching approach. In a classroom setting, the teachers often utilised
physical resources, such as a whiteboard, to illustrate grammar rules and
display useful information. However, upon realising the challenge in getting
their students to concentrate when faced with a cluttered screen, the teachers
had to revise their teaching materials and ensure they are neatly organised to
reduce confusion and enhance their students’ concentration.


Multiple learning resources, such as animation and
PowerPoint slides, are also utilised to capture students’ attention and aid
learning. In addition, the teachers have continued to incorporate popular
Korean songs and television dramas into their online lessons to spark interest,
given the students’ past receptiveness to this learning method. Finally, to
ensure that its students are constantly exposed to the Korean language, the
school has also utilised mobile applications to allow them to revise what they have
learned so that their Korean do not get rusty.


Noting the popularity of this class format among several students,
ONLYOU states it is considering the possibility of making its online classes a
permanent option if demand persists.


Founded in 2017, ONLYOU Korean Language School specialises in delivering
high-quality Korean courses that cater to a wide range of learning preferences.
It currently offers Foundation and Regular
group classes, as well as private one-to-one learning sessions to meet various
student needs.


For more information about ONLYOU’s online classes, please visit


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