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The Hong Kong Institute of Housing Urges the Government to Form a Property Management Functional Constituency

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 20 May 2021 – The property management (“PM”) profession
is a unique sector that is end-user-facing on an 24×7 basis and covers all
buildings and spaces that are over 5million citizens that are utilized by
people. The property management professionals are the masterminds of over
700,000 frontline staff who are working in various facets in the property
management industry. The profession also works closely with experts in related
sectors on regular basis and also on contingency management. But it is a pity
for the community at large with the absence of their voices and comments that
affects the majority of Hong Kong citizens under the current electoral system.


In view of this, a letter from the President of The
Hong Kong Institute of Housing (“HKIH”), Ms Yu Chun, to the Chief Executive of
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Ms Carrie Lam, GBM, GBS,
delivered by end of April 2021 urges the government to consider recognizing the
PM profession as a functional constituency under the existing electoral system
in Hong Kong.


The HKIH proposed the PM functional
constituency for the first time in 2014. Yet it has been a pity that the
Government has not confirmed any roadmap for the cause. With the setup of Property
Management Services Authority in 2016 and implementation of the PM licensing
scheme in 2018, the need for the PM profession to be better-represented in form
of a functional constituency becomes acute.


statistics indicated that over 12,000 professionals were engaged in PM related
services in Hong Kong in 2020, covering essential daily management of
residential, commercial, retail, and GIC spaces which kept society and
community in efficient operation. According to scientific projection, the
volume of workforce in the PM sector will rise to over 14,000
in 10 years’ time. This number accommodates organic growth only, without taking
into account of any ad hoc need or unforeseeable occasions.  Referencing the number of registered voters by
functional constituencies in 2020, both the number of current and projected
number of PM professionals in 10 years have already exceeded several key
constituencies in the existing electoral system.


PM industry comprises more than diligent frontline practitioners serving
various parts of the community. In essence, PM professionals are the strategic
masterminds behind all frontline staff who perform carefully the systemized and
law-binding duties efficiently and effectively, so as to safeguard property and
safety and wellbeing of owners/occupiers and users. The profession contributes
extensively to the welfare of the society, in particular at times of crisis. It
also stays in tune with local communities to get the pulse of public concerns
while formulating practical solutions to issues arising in the society.


Over the years, elite members of the HKIH have been
the key drivers of numerous local initiatives and on formulating land/housing
policies aiming to improve urban living conditions, ranging from hygienic
issues and public safety to urban renewal and city competitiveness.
The PM
profession holds transcending responsibilities and given
its increasing contribution and
significance, PM sector should be considered as a functional constituency to
reflect its place in upholding public interest and acting as a trusted
interface between the HKSAR Government and the profession.


“The HKIH has received an official reply from the Secretary
for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs outlining their goals in improving the
electoral system. With our official appeal to form a PM Functional Constituency
for the future wellbeing of Hong Kong at large, we urge the Government to
recognize the rightful position of the PM profession and to perfect the
electoral system in due course,” commented Ms Yu Chun, President of the HKIH.

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