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PR24x7 organized PSD sessions for its employees

Whenever an employee joins a company, he weaves thousands of dreams for his and the company’s interest. But most of the time, he hesitates to share his thoughts with others to avoid being a laughing stock among his colleagues. In this way, not only the employee is feeling left out but the company is also missing the possible ideas which may help in its growth. In such cases, a little push towards the right direction can make a huge difference.

Atul Malikram, the founder of PR24x7, a renowned PR company, explains that every human possesses the ability to think and work according as per their interest to achieve their goal and ambition. It is natural for an employee to possess similar sentiments regarding the organization they are working for. Therefore, in PR24x7, every year the employees are given the opportunity to be the boss for one day. This means he/she has the power to run the company according to his/her perspective for one day. This may include the authority to change any company rules, hire or fire any employee, or introduce a new working pattern. This is a unique tradition that the company is following for the past few years. These sessions are addressed as PSD (Person on Special Duty), in which the employee has the power which is mostly reserved for the boss.

The PSD sessions were held in the first week of January, when every employee was given a chance to become a boss. Here, various learning sessions were conducted, new rules were introduced and many employees were rewarded for their participation, punctuality, and discipline. Every organization must conduct such PSD sessions for their employees to keep them focused, motivated and help them reach their potential.

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