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New Year quotes from Sony SAB artists

  • Paras Arora(Dr. Pramod in Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons)

This year has taught us so many things. I always believed more in planning the future but the past few months made me understand the importance of living in the moment and enjoying it. Hence, I have stopped worrying about upcoming problems and insteadstarted enjoying the present moment more. This definitely doesn’t mean spending every penny you have earned, without any planning.

While we didn’t have much work in terms of shoots, this year, it still feels like a very tiring year, mentally. Hence, I want to travel a lot in 2021, to relax and be recharged. The past year has also taught us how much we need our friends and family, especially at such low times. So, I will make sure I catch up with them more often this year. My New Year resolution is to concentrate on my fitness as I will try to hit the gym everyday. I have also wanted to learn playing the Guitar for a long time and hope to accomplish that this year.

To bring in the new year, I am planning to have a house-party with some of my close friends, keeping in mind all the restrictions and safety protocols currently.

  • Ashi Singh(Yasmine in Sony SAB’s Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga)

The year 2020 taught has taught me the value of people and things, that I earlier took for granted, thinking I will always have them with me. So, I have learnt to be grateful and feel blessed for whatever I have in my life.

I recently had a pre-new year trip with my friends to Goa, since I wanted to avoid the New Year crowd during these times. So, on the New Year’s Eve, I will be at home, with my family.

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because I took one last year and couldn’t stick by it. I feel if you want to start something good, you can do it anytime and anywhere.To compensate for all the wasted time of 2020, I have already started working on my fitness and I am going to continue that through the next year, with much more determination.

  • Gulki Joshi(Haseena Mallik in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

The one thing that 2020 has taught me is that ‘Control is an illusion’. We go about in our lifes planning and then cribbing and complaining if things don’t go as planned. Then, something like a pandemic hits and you realize that nothing is in your control. Even if you have everything sorted or completely damaged, it doesn’t really matter. You need to go on and take life as it comes. However, the biggest learning for me has been that anything can happen at anytime and hence, managing finances is very important.

For the coming year, I plan to rest and relax a lot, spending time with my family and close friends. My New Year resolution is to get better at social media.

  • Yukti Kapoor(Karishma Singh in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

This year taught me to be calm and also to save money. The most important thing that I learnt is to love yourself more than anything or anyone else because your happiness matters the most. So, I have started loving myself a little more.

With the new year arriving, I have decided to be disciplined in life- wake up early, work out, have fun and be more passionate about my work. Since I live away from my parents, I will make sure I spend as much time with my family as possible because I miss that home love and care here in Mumbai.

I plan to enter 2021 by traveling to Goa with my brothers as I love travelling with them. For the same, I have applied for a few days off from the shooting of Maddam Sir, way in advance and I am very excited.

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