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There’s a new superhero on the horizon and here’s what you should know about HERO

Sony SAB announced its mega-launch of the year – Hero – Gayab Mode On, treating the audiences and viewers with a fascinating sci-fi fiction story in a never-seen before avatar.A true visual delight, the show brings along an intriguing storyline that undoubtedly has all the perfect ingredients to make the audience fall in love with the show.

Sony SAB and Peninsula Pictures have ensured no stones are left unturned to impress the audience with state-of-art graphics, visual effects and the biggest and the grandest set any GEC show has ever witnessed in the country so far.

The trailers are enough to make you excited to watch this show and gave a small glimpse of the new Hero, but if you are still looking for reasons, Abhishek Nigam as Hero will compel you and make sure you set a reminder for the show right now!

Here’s what you need to know about this new Hero on the horizon

  1. A superhero with a golden heart

The latest sensation on Sony SAB Veer aka Hero is a new age, quirky and flamboyant superhero with the golden heart. Played by the dashing, Abhishek Nigam, the story revolves around Veer’s mission to find his father and along his journey teach a lesson to culprits he comes across.

  1. Has his ‘Gayab Mode On’ whenever he wants

This new superhero in town has some unique powers. The biggest power being the ability to be invisible as a when he desires. Hero harnesses this power from the most sought after ring which even the forces of the outer world desire. Additionally, Sony SAB’s Hero possesses the supreme strength to fight his enemies with a hint of style.

  1. Voh Apna Favorite Hain

Hero loves himself. He is cocky, wicked and he loves creating trouble for the ones who wrong others. He doesn’t shy away from showing off his powers and gives an intense fight a quirky twist. Don’t get surprised if he breaks into a dance move in the middle of fighting the aliens to save the mankind.

  1. Ready to teach a lesson for the wrongdoings

Veer when without his magical ring is a simple boy with a noble heart. Neither Veer nor Hero can watch injustice happening around them. While Veer can’t always help the ones in need and ward off the culprits on his own, this is where Hero steps in. Hero darata hain and Veer sikhata Hain(Hero scares you, Veer teaches you).


  1. A prank master

While saving the ones in need and fighting the aliens is Hero’s priority, he does make use of his powers to have some healthy fun. Hero is not only valiant and a superhero, he is your beloved and mischievous prank master. Using his invisibility to prank people is something that is bound to make you laugh.

  1. Committed to prove his father’s theory

After losing his father after at a very young age, Veer and Hero have one biggest mission – to find his father. While no one believed his father’s theory of the existence of Aliens, Hero is committed to prove his father’s innocence by proving the Alien theory. In doing so, Hero will make several revelations which is promises to leave the viewers in a surprise.

Watch Hero: Gayab Mode On every Monday-Friday at 8PM only on Sony SAB

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