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National Executive Body meeting of  Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan held in (Rajkot) Gujrat

Rajkot,2/1/2022 ( Odisha Samachar )- The fifth  national meeting of the Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan  concluded  in Rajkot, Gujrat Province on 28th December to 30 December 2021. Inthis meeting  the work expansion  of the Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan  was legitimately discussed. According to resolution, the plan to reach the goal was discussed. The responsibilities of the Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan activists were also announced in meeting. The new creation of the Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan will remain as follows… National President, Mr. Arun Bhardwaj, National Executive President, Mr. Ashish Rai, National Vice President, Mr. Navin Koushik, Mr. Shankar Jha, Mr. Hari Govind Upadhyay and Mrs Mrinalini Khatri, National Minister (Rastriya Mahamantri) Mr Prashanta Varma, National treasurer, Mr. Prabhat Ranjan, National Minister, (Rastriya Mantri), Mrs Rekha

Representatives from 12 States  have attended the meeting. Detailed discussions in the meeting was  in view of work detail. Considering their target closely the workers are going to try their best to reach the goal.

  Mehta and Vishall Jolly, National women head, Mrs. Poonam Goud National co-women chief, Mrs Jagruti Dave and Mrs Prativa Varma, National working committee member, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Raizada  Mr. K. K. Rai, Mr. Devendra Mani Tripathi, Mr Shankar Sinha, Regional Minister, (North East) Mr. Nirmal Das etc. Some new  presidents were also announced as needed… “Delhi… Mrs Usha

Senior Advocate  Mr Prasanta  Varma has been nominated by National Executive  body meeting of Bhartiya Bhasa Andolan  as Rashtriya Mahamantri. It is to be noted that Mr Varma has dedicatedly worked as Adhkshya (East) and Rashtriya Upadhaskhya. Ex-Rashtriya Mahamantri Senior Advocate  Mr.Ashis Ray has been nominated as Rashtriya  Working President.

Sharma, Punjab… Jasmeet Singh Bedi, Odisha… Mrs Sudasha Panda, Maharashtra… Mr Rameshwar Geete, Uttar Pradesh… Mr. Arvind Singh Raja Bhaiya, Chandigarh… Mr. Shiva Bhola, Maharashtra General Secretary…  Mr Rajendra Bhai  Khandare, were also elected.

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