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State capital readies to celebrate Mahashivratri

State capital readies to celebrate Mahashivratri

ELogo BlueBhubaneswar , 26/2 ( Odisha Samachar/Abhisek Mohanty) : Devotees of Lord Shiva are gearing up for religious observance of Mahashivratri with splendor. People throng Lord Lingaraj Temple and many other temples of Lord Shiva across the city to offer Puja on the auspicious occasion.

Apart from offering flowers, sweets and incense sticks at the temples of Lord Shiva, devotees fast during the whole day and maintain a night long ‘Jagran’. Sacred Mantras are chanted with traditional offerings at the temples of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu rituals. The Shiva Lingam is worshiped by washing it with milk, curd, honey and rose water. It is believed that the mind and soul would freed from all sins when one utters the name of Shiva during Shiv Ratri with full of devotion. The graceful night of Mahashivratri will invite Lakhs of devotees to seek the divine blessings and break their fast on the following day by taking Prasad.

Besides, special arrangements have been made for the celebration of the day in various ways like the Mahadeep ritual, Bhajan Samaroha and cultural programmes in the evening. The ‘Mahadeep’ ritual to be held at night is expected to witness a large number of devotees. Keeping this in view, elaborate security arrangements have been made for providing hassle free Darshan of lord at the temples of the City.

Lord Shiva is regarded as the forerunner of happiness and well being as well as the Lord of destruction. The Festival of Mahashivratri has a unique significance according to the Hindu Mythology. Lord Shiva is believed as the dissolving god of the universe. When the supreme God called Brahma undertakes the creation, he describes himself as functionary to perform the tasks of creator called Brahma and dissolver of all creations called as Lord Shiva. As per Hindu mythology, Mahashivratri is considered auspicious as it is believed that Lord Shiva came into existence in the formless state of Lingam on the mid night of Mahashivratri day and therefore the night of Mahashivratri is considered highly auspicious. : Developping Odia News websites

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