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Snakes recovered during raid from Motagan

Snakes recovered during raid from Motagan

English Logo Col ChangeAngul, 06/07 ( Odisha Samachar ) – An under cover operation was conducted by members and in-charge of People for Animals (PFA), Angul Biplab Mahapatra with Enforcement Officer Amit Kumar Gupta and forest officials from Dhenkanal Sardar Range and Police officials from Motagan Police Station jointly co-operated for this joint successful venture. And to the very good part all the snakes in custody were healthy recovered with an additional court forward of to illegal handlers.

This in context to a much unexpected misuse of venomous serpent (Schedule -II Spectacled cobra defanged, highly malnourished and available for public entertainment and performance just for the sake of a marriage party and public display.  Old snake songs like nagin dance in a very unfortunate manner are a very aspect unbearable to Indian wildlife act.

“Sometimes we have a bigger role what we expect ourselves as being just a volunteer, but ultimately we end up in a ditch which is always helpful, because we have own described area to roam upon to curbs”, said Biplab Mahapatra. : Developping Odia News websites

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