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Rangoli, signature campaign held at 23rd Raahagiri Day

Rangoli, signature campaign held at 23rd Raahagiri Day

OS LogoBhubaneswar , 19/6 ( Odisha Samachar )- : To sensitize the people for gender equality the city based voluntary organisation  Center for Child and Women Development (CCWD), Action aid  & Beti Zindabad Campaign  held  Rangoli  and  signature campaign on the occasion of  23rd  Raahagiri day.

The volunteers marched to the Raahagiri place holding placard and slogan like- Kanya Ratna – Kara Jatna, Save Girl – Save Country, etc.  Among others  Debabrata Patra, Regional Manager of Action aid Association, Ghasiram Panda   Sudeshna Mishra, BN Durga  and Sadasiv Swain Secretary of CCWD joined as guests .Beti  1

The 2011 Census of India revealed that we only had 914 girls to every 1000 boys, it shook everyone. It is a record that is the worst since Independence. The rate of decline in the decades since the 90’s, often touted as one of high growth, has been the steepest of all; by 31 points. In absolute numbers, 7000 girls go missing every day in India. Urban or rural, rich or poor, preference for a son over a daughter is frighteningly pervasive in our society.   But it is the rampant misuse of ultrasound centers, and now fertility clinics, in determining the sex of the foetus and the subsequent elimination of girls is believed to be most important cause of this steep fall. Advances in science and technology, originally meant to provide appropriate health care to expectant mothers, are being manipulated to satisfy this desire for a son. Availability of cheap technology, but most of all complicity of authorities has allowed this flourishing illegal practice to permeate into rural areas as well, turning this into a national crisis. It is important to recognise that the dismal Child-Sex-Ratio (number of girls to every 1000 boys between the age brackets of 0-6 years) is yet another brutal manifestation of the larger system of patriarchy combined with the unbridled culture of greed. However, it is time we moved beyond merely acknowledging this issue. Time has now come to make the government, its institutions even more accountable while also awakening the collective conscience of this society to act upon all forms of injustice. A declining child-sex ratio, emanating primarily from the resistance most families have in bearing a daughter, is a manifestation of the many evils of patriarchy – a system that believes men are superior to women – socially, culturally, politically and economically. It is this system of patriarchy, which has been around since many centuries, that is now manifesting in the form of – sex-selective discrimination, dismal infant mortality rates of girls, lack of access to health-care and education for girls, early marriage, forced pregnancies, dowry deaths, domestic violence, lack of sexual autonomy and choice, wage inequality, exclusion from economic participation, lack of political participation, and rape and gender based violence. : Developping Odia News websites

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