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Progress impossible without Women Empowerment: Pinky Anand

Progress impossible without Women Empowerment: Pinky Anand

English AnimatedBhubaneswar, 8/3 ( Odisha Samachar/Dipti Ranjan Kanungo) : Progress of a nation can’t be possible except women empowerment says Dr. Pinky Anand, senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Social Activist. Speaking on the occasion of International Women’s Day on the theme ‘Being a Women in Men’s world’ at KIIT University, she said, women can manage several tasks in same time, whereas men can manage one thing or task in that time. Although work efficiency of woman is marginal, woman is more intelligent that man. But there is only one question that is opportunity and equity. So women should get equal opportunity in every sphere, she added. Ms. Tavleen Singh, author and columnist in her opinion said that, today even after enacting of so many laws to protect their rights, women are languishing in worst condition. So women empowerment can only be possible with their education. We should provide good education and sanitary facilities to women, so they can be empowered. Among others Mr. Terry O’Brien, Author and quiz moderator said, life is not sole, it’s duet. Without man or woman, life is not impossible. To renew this and to work together, we celebrate every year International women’s Day. Women is not weak, she has the power. Today women don’t need economic opportunity, but our mindset towards women should be changed. Among others Ms. Flavia Agnes, Feminist, legal scholar and activist, Smt. Saswati Bal, President, KIIT; Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS; Prof. P. P. Mathur, VC, KIIT University, Dr. Sasmita Samanta, Registrar also present on the occasion.DSC_0168

Earlier in the morning, a health camp was organized by the Social Responsible Society of KIIT, Kamakshi- the Women society of KIIT, Chorus- the music society and NSS bureau for around hundreds of old women. Later they were felicitated. Also KIMS organized an awareness programme on cervical cancer and breast cancer at CISF camp at Munduli. : Developping Odia News websites

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