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Pana Sankranti observed with gaiety

Pana Sankranti observed with gaiety

Bhubaneswar,14/04 ( Odisha Samachar/Abhisek Mohanty) : Maha Bishuba Sankranti and Odia New Year, popularly known as ‘Pana’ Sankranti were observed with religios fervour and gaiety across the State capital.

On this day, the traditional beverage ‘Pana’ prepared with a mixture of Bela and other fruits were distributed in temples, Jalachatras and at homes which was enjoyed with great fun in the city. It was great to see that children Pana was distributed among the people by Akhandalamani Uthadokani Byabasayi Sangha near Bhubaneswar Railway Station on this auspicious occasion.

Temples were decorated and rituals were performed to mark the dual celebrations of Maha Bishuba Sankranti coinciding with Mahavir Hanuman Jayanti, falling on the same day. Devotees made a beeline for temples to have Darshan on Odia New Year’s beginning to take blessings. Special Puja and Bhajan programmes at Lord Hanuman temples were also held. To mark the occasion, cultural programmes were also organised at various places in the city.DSCF1935

Pana Sankranti is observed as the Odia New Year which marks the beginning of the New Year according to the traditional Hindu Solar Calendar. It is observed during the transition of the sun into the Aries Zodiac and Odia New Year generally falls on 13/14 of April every Year.

Bishuba Sankranti marks the end of spring festival and welcomes the summer season. This festival is also known as Pana Sankranti and Mesha Sankranti.

On this particular day, a small pot with a hole in its bottom is filled with ‘Pana’ and hung atop the Tulasi plant, as it is believed that this symbolically represents that water being the most important constituent for sustaining life in the earth, must be provided to all in the hot season of summer. : Developping Odia News websites

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