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Orissa State Press Club to organize Indian Journalist Congress

Orissa State Press Club to organize Indian Journalist Congress

ELogo BlueBhubaneswar, 01/11 ( Odisha Samachar / Abhisek Mohanty ) : Orissa State Press Club, Bhubaneswar with support of all media concerned departments of Government of India and State Government, is organizing the Indian Journalist Congress (IJC) in the month of April, 2015 for the first time in the country in the State.

The IJC is conceived to form a platform among the veteran journalists from print and electronic medias, media organizations, faculties from media institutes, working personnel of media cells from corporate bodies both from national and international sector, authorities & media personnel of Ministry of Information & Broad casting, Government of India, I & PR Departments of State Governments, and other related Trade Unions, Associations.

The IJC provides a National forum for sharing of knowledge and pooling of experience on the entire range of subjects dealing with the Media, including policy, technology, research, planning, organization and all connected policy issues. In more specific terms, the objectives of the IJC are to promote and encourage the media people and to develop capacity building, execution and implementation of safety, provide a channel for the expression of journalists, promote the use of standard laws for all, to advise government and other bodies, to hold periodical meetings to share & develop knowledge, seminars, workshops, amongst the working journalists, to suggest legislation for the development, improvement and protections, etc.

“IJC’s prime objectives are to make a bigger assembly for inter-exchange of ideas and ideologies on media and to form policies on it. Though the media is expanding very rapidly in our country and plays a very vital role in building the nation and strengthening its power. Therefore, the journalist fraternities should meet every year in each state for the causes of journalists. We have already discussed with major media houses, media experts and media lovers to make a good shape of IJC. Accordingly, preparation has been started. To initiate an action for first time Indian Journalist Congress (IJC) Orissa State Press Club appeals to all journalists for successful implementation of IJC in the State”, said Orissa State Press Club President Dr. Bipin Bihari Mishra, Working Secretary Bismaya Mohanty, General Secretary Sanat Mishra, Assistant Secretary Kishore Mangaraj and Office Secretary Rajnikant Samantaray in a press conference here.

A four days ceremony is tentatively finalized for covering national seminar, exhibitions, policy discussions, inter action, cultural exchanges, and other events. Nearly 500 journalists from all over the country including some invitees from abroad would participate in the event. Media Organizations, Media Houses, Channel Heads, Government Organizations, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, State I & PR Department, Corporate Houses and Editors of leading newspapers of India and writers would also participate in the programme. : Developping Odia News websites

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