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National daughters’ day  NANDINI DIWAS 2013  Celebrated.

National daughters’ day NANDINI DIWAS 2013 Celebrated.

Bhubaneswar, 13/6 ( Odisha Samachar Bureau) – On the occasion of the eve of national daughters’ day NANDINI DIWAS 2013 the 7th Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Lecture was delivered by Her Excellency Smt. Margaret Alva the Governor of Rajasthan.

 She in her speech said “Nandini means daughter. But Nandini Satpathy was more than just her parents’ daughter. She was a great daughter of Odisha, indeed of India. Befittingly, her birth anniversary on June 9 is celebrated as Nandini Diwas or National Daughters’ Day . I feel humbled as I recall Nandini Ji’s persona and politics. A close aide of late Indira Gandhi, a Union Minister and twice Chief Minister of Odisha, she has left an indelible mark on Odisha’s and India’s polity. Left of the centre in her ideological moorings, she was among those Congress persons who had a vision and a strategy for the inclusive economic growth of India. She was an acknowledged national leader by the time I came to the Rajya Sabha in 1974. Rooted in Odisha, Nandini ji spoke out against regional imbalances in economic development and the neglect of tribal areas, as much as she lent her voice to the quest for gender equity and land reforms. Her tenure as the CM of Odisha is till date fondly remembered as an era which saw strict administration combined with holistic growth of Odisha”.

The Chairman of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust (SNSMT) Shri. Suparno Satpathy in his speech said “If in the 70’s we would have followed the path envisaged by Late Smt. Nandini Satpathy in its correct spirit then today Odisha would not have had to stand in front of the Central Government with a begging bowl, I mean asking for a special category status for Odisha. Rather by this time Odisha would have been in a position to take care of not only it’s self but other under privileged states of India”. Shri. Satpathy added “I am aware that you adore Nandini Ji for being the rebel for the cause of Odisha, the pro-poor leader, the visionary who envisaged Odisha as second to none, the pilot of the international showcasing of Odia art and culture, the powerful literary etc etc. You can quote her, disagree with her, glorify or vilify her. But the only thing that you cannot do is ignore her or her ideology. Cause that is what binds all of us out here and we are the ones who are crazily determined to change the fate of Odias & Odisha. When Nandini Ji was alive she was a terror for the people who disregarded the interest of Odisha and I am glad that even after she has left us in body her terror still continues through all of us, to haunt the ones who for their vested interest disregard the cause of Odias & Odisha”.

Odisha Congress President Jaydev Jena was to attend the event as the Guest of Honor. Though he was very much in town, he choose not to attend the event and instead sent a regret letter stating that he was leaving for Delhi on an urgent matter. This intentional avoidance by Jaydev Jena and the disrespect shown to the Legendary personality of Odisha and Odisha congress party has not been taken very politely by many and has received condemnation from many quarters. On the occasion Dr. Rajendra Satpathy attended the event as its guest of honor. The event was held at the IMA auditorium of Bhubaneswar and the same was witnessed by hundreds.

(L-R) Dr. Rajendra Satpathy, Dr. Margaret Alva, Shri. Suparno SatpathyKeeping up with the tradition of SNSMT, this year Smt. Jaggi Mangat Panda (entrepreneur and activist) and Smt. Nayana Patra (social activist) were decorated with the very prestigious ‘Nandini Puraskar-2013’. : Developping Odia News websites

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