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Bhubaneswar ,24/7 ( Odisha Samachar Bureau ) – Orthopedics Department of  Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) has started a Joint Replacement training center to train young orthopedic surgeons with the help of Depoy Synthes Institute. There will be a basic Arthroplasty workshop of Hip and Knee on 26th and 27th of July 2013. As a leading institute in the eastern zone, KIMS has taken the initiative to train young orthopedics. The programme is meant for surgeons who are performing joint replacement surgery with assistance and are eager to become independent operators. This kind of course is being conducted for the first time in Odisha at KIMS.

The programme is organized by KIMS in association with Odisha Orthopedics Association. Dr. Basanta kumar Behera, Associate Professor and Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon is organizing and co-coordinating this programme, while Prof. Dr. U. N. Mishra, eminent orthopedic specialist of Odisha would chair and supervise the overall programme.

Arthritis of joints is a common problem now-a-days. Osteoarthritis of knee is common among the age group of above 45-50 years. Similarly Rheumatoid arthritis is common among the age group of 20-40 years. Due to this arthritis, Knee and Hip joints are commonly affected and it causes destruction of the affected joint. The arthritic joint becomes swollen, deformed and painful because of which the patient is unable to walk and starts limping. In severe cases the patient cannot walk; becomes bedridden and depends on his family members for daily activities. These patients require joint replacement of hip or knee for the relief of pain and to restore the mobility of joint.

Now a days the life expectancy has increased to 65 years, out of the 115 crores of population in India now 7% people are above 60 years. Around 1% of this population is suffering from osteoarthritis of knee. Out of which 5% or 50,000 people are suffering from severe osteoarthritis of knee which requires joint replacement, as severe cases cannot be treated by medicine or physiotherapy. Till date 50,000 arthritis patients are waiting for Total Knee Replacement every year in our country, but only 10,000 patients are being operated every year and the load is still increasing. This waiting period is due to the lack of sufficient number of Joint Replacement Surgeons and well equipped Joint Replacement Centers in our country. : Developping Odia News websites

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