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Demolishing party and parties system is our idea: Anna Hazare

Demolishing party and parties system is our idea: Anna Hazare

OS Logo Pink EnglishBhubaneswar , 01/04 ( Odisha Samachar / Abhisek Mohanty ) – : Corruption, bullying, terrorism, adultery and loot has increased in the country as party and parties have contested elections unconstitutionally. They have formed groups inside and outside the Parliament. The elected representatives of people formed groups inside and outside the Parliament gave rise to monster of corruption. According to constitution if people of good character were elected to Parliament, the monster of corruption would not have rose.  Many a times to gain power, these parties are fighting inside and outside the Parliament.  This is blackening our Democracy. These groups of parties are opting every possible means to gain power, wealth, and in this way the competition has increased, said Anna Hazare at a press conference here on Tuesday.

He said that some parties allot tickets to many candidates who are corrupt, hooligans, looters and adulterous, so that by bullying voters they gain huge number of votes. Many parties, through power of money and group of people get these people elected. And these corrupt, hooligans, looters and adulterous people enter the sacred temple of Democracy. Power through money and money through power, this cycle has begun in the country, which has put breaks to the country’s development.ANNA HAZZARE 1

As there is no awakening amongst voters the hooligans and corrupt people lure voters for a bottle of wine and 200 and 500 rupees, which pave a way for them to enter Vidhansabha and Loksabha by votes of these people. The voters should take an oath by remembering the sacrifice made by Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru and lakhs of people & take a pledge that though these parties have given tickets to corrupt, hooligans, looters, adulterous people, I shall not vote them. I shall vote only people of good character. If voters take such decision, then the holy temple of Democracy would see only holy people entering it and the corrupt, hooligan and looters from entering Vidhansabha and Loksabha, Anna said adding that these parties have formed groups in every village and encouraged disputes among them. This has blocked the progress of villages. Power of youth is the power of this nation in our country, if this power awakens, then prosperity of the society and nation is not too far. But today these parties have formed groups in every college and encouraged quarrels among students. The power which is to be diverted towards the development of nation is diverted to fighting amongst themselves, because of these parties and their groups.

He further added that scams worth crores of rupees have happened because of parties and their groups. The developmental works such as construction of roads and bridges which requires crores of rupees are distributed amongst party and parties. All this can be changed by the voters. The voters must exercise their Right to Vote and take a pledge that without taking any bribe, would vote the candidates of good character.

There is one organization coming up at national level to educate, awaken people from every corner of the country. After the General Elections 2014 the name will be made public. In every state at every district level, taluka level, the organizations are set up of people with good character to awaken people. We would get an idea of success by 2019. Else by 2024, after 10 years, we would get some success in demolishing the party and parties system. Otherwise we have to continuously make efforts to bring rule of people, Anna added.

Earlier, Anna Hazare addressed the Jai Kishan Maha Samabesh organized by Navanirman Krushak Sangathan at Lower PMG. : Developping Odia News websites

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