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Citizen’s Charter finding its way to be included in manifestos of political parties

Citizen’s Charter finding its way to be included in manifestos of political parties

English AnimatedBhubaneswar , 12/3 ( Odisha Samachar/Abhisek Mohanty) : Keeping in view that the state would soon undergo General Elections; CYSD has facilitated a consultation with civil society organizations who have compiled Citizen’s charter of demand based on the ground realities pertaining to the social sector in Odisha. The prime intention of this endeavor is to place ‘People’s Charter of Demand’ before all the National and Regional Political Parties in Odisha for the incorporation of the same in their election manifesto for 2014.


Another crucial objective of this consultation is to involve the civil society organizations to keep a watch on the status of implementation of commitments made by the political parties during elections. Odisha Budget and Accountability Center, a constituent unit of Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD) has collectively analyzed the ‘Election Manifesto’ of different Political Parties in Odisha furnished during the General Election of 2009. The report undertakes fulfilled promises and unkept commitments of the Government during past five ruling years in eight thematic areas.

This report has clinched the foremost demands in the key development areas like Education, Health, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Women, Early Childhood Care and Development, Agriculture, Disaster and Employment, said Jagadanand of CYSD.


Highlighting the demands in the area of elementary education during a presentation, Basant Kumar Nayak of Odisha Budget and Accountability Centre (OBAC) said “To regulate the teacher recruitment, state should pass a teacher recruitment policy, special provision should be made for inclusive education for children with disability and meet the requirement of trained teacher and the capacity of teacher training institutes in the state should be increased and appropriate budget allocation for the same should be made”.


Looking at the increase in sexual harassment cases in the residential schools, only female teachers should be appointed in residential schools, community health monitoring system should be institutionalized, Generic medicine centre should be scaled up and availability of medicine in all government health institutions and availability of Medical professional as per Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) norm in the State were among other demands.


SCSP and TSP legislation for effective implementation of SCSP and TSP and special care to prevent atrocities against SCs and STs is necessary. Training and awareness on SCs and STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act-1989 to the government officials especially of the line department, setting up of National Commission for Scheduled Caste, regional office in

Odisha is also essential, he said, adding that homesteads land less SC and ST families should be included under Vasundhara Yojna, local and district level committee be set up by the Government for sexual harassment of Women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal), formation of Legal Help Group to give social justice to exploited women, mahila and Sishu Desk should be established in every police station, which need to be strengthened with appropriate staffs.


Besides that provision should be made for establishment of first track court to deal with women atrocity cases, 50 percent of seats at all levels of decision making bodies, from Gram Panchayat to Lok Sabha should be reserved for women. The State should also establish a Gender Budget Cell and bring out Gender Budget Statement.


Coming to the Disaster management area, Nayak further added “Other demands include special social housing scheme for people staying in kuccha houses in cyclone and flood affected areas, construction of disaster resilient school and AWC buildings, immediate functioning of Doppler Radar Stations, disaster management trainings for Panchayat Raj Institution members, SMC, SHGs,youth clubs to strengthen the community & to amend Disaster Management Act-2005 and to ensure place of PRI members in Disaster Management Committees.”


Similarly for agriculture development, the state should ensure compensation against crop damage by all types of natural calamities through postal insurance at Gram Panchayat level, provision of agriculture assistance centre at each Gram Panchayat level with availability of certified seeds of major crops and vegetables, pesticides, fertilizer and literatures on the process of cultivation of different crops.


Among others, Chairman of CYSD P.K. Sahoo and Advocacy Coordinator of CYSD Subrat Rout were present on the occasion.


This initiative is participated by the distinguished civil society organizations like Open Learning System, Harsha Trust, Udyam, People’s Cultural Centre, Friend’s Association for Rural

Reconstruction, National Association of Women in Operations, Regional Center for Development Cooperation, Siksha Sandhan, Human Development Foundation, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti and Vasundhara. : Developping Odia News websites

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