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Children’s federation appealed to  Celebrate this Diwali as Natural and Child friendly

Children’s federation appealed to Celebrate this Diwali as Natural and Child friendly

ELogo-Blue2Berhampur,9/11 ( Odisha Samachar )  – Indians have been celebrating Diwali on every year. On this occasion people are decorating their houses with rangoli, lights and candles and also using different crackers. On using crackers people have to face heavy sounds and lights, on these children have to face psychological impact due to sound and air pollution. B  1

The animals and birds have also to suffer through these crackers. Having seen this system Berhampur city level children’s federation decided to aware the parents, youths and child club members. Children federation members also organized different activities at the slum level to aware their parents, youths and the community people. Child clubs in slums of the city have also decided to observe Diwali on this manner to cut down the expenses of crackers as well as to reduce the chances of fire accidents on their areas. Following this, they decorated the streets with colourful rangolis. Rangolis were drawn with enthusiasm among them and in the evening they lighted up diyas and candles in and around these rangolis. In Ambapua Bauri Street, Khodasing Old and New Bauri Street, Lanjipali Goudabandh Street, Dhimira Bauri Street, Raghupati Nagar Canal Street, Jagabandhu huda street and Gramdevati Bauri street, children’s federation members organized different programs to celebrate this diwali. The federation members also decided to organize the programs on other slums to aware the community people.

B  2It is noted that Youth for Social Development (YSD) working with more than 2000 children in 30 slums in Berhampur since 2012. YSD was able to form 27 child clubs and a city level children’s federation. Children are engaged in doing various activities in their neighbourhood. YSD has been working to ‘make Berhampur a child friendly smart city’ and to ensure government should provision basic services to the children living in urban poverty and ensure children participation in city planning, governance and development.

Child club members such as Bala Das, Pinky Das, Suprava Das, Jyoti Das, Jharana Das, Rinky Patra, Archana Sahu and Banita Nayak took active participate and from YSD Abhiram Kanhar, Chandan Sahu, Shashikanta Das, Bijalaxmi Pradhan, Sujata Bisoi and Suchitra Rout facilitate child federation members.B  3 : Developping Odia News websites

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