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Children demand road safety and child friendly transport in Berhampur

Children demand road safety and child friendly transport in Berhampur

(Road Safety week-2016  celebrated)

ELogo-Blue2 Berhampur , 17/1 ( Odisha Samachar ) – Berhampur children’s federation today gave priorities on stringent road safety measures, efficient traffic management and child friendly transport system in Berhampur city.

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Safe roads, better traffic management and safe transport system are essential for the healthy living of children in slums and in the city. Increasing population (3, 55, 823, 2011 census) and vehicles in the city like Berhampur where roads are narrow, no space for pedestrians and lack of one way roads are the major concerns for mounting road accidents in the city. On the other hand poor management of traffic, poor infrastructure, shortage of human resources, conventional method of traffic management and low level of traffic awareness among citizens will has resulted more road accidents killing innocent children in Berhampur city.

Berhampur city being the 2nd largest in Odisha having 163 slums with 1, 17, 541 people living in urban poverty has experienced very bad roads, unsafe roads and traffic and low access to public transport system which is a major component of safe and healthy neighborhood for children. This has narrowed down the physical and mental growth of children in slums and created an unsafe and unhealthy environment.

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Noted hear that the Youth for Social Development (YSD) a local non- government organization working with children, youth and women on issues related to local governance and public service delivery, has facilitated children’s federation to improve the living condition of young children living in urban poverty. Children’s federation has been actively engaged with the local and state government to improve their living condition and make Berhampur a child friendly city, since January 2014.

 Major priorities by the children through the children’s federation are;

  • Ensure efficient management of traffic with strict monitoring by traffic police
  • Deployment of  ‘traffic police’ in all traffic areas including school and slum areas in Berhampur city
  • Fulfill all required personnel in Berhampur traffic immediately for smooth management of traffic
  • Construct child friendly ‘zebra crossing’ in all traffic areas in Berhampur
  • Construction of children  friendly ‘passenger halts’ in all bus stops
  • Strict laws for traffic rule violators and implement in its full spirit
  • Create ‘heavy traffic’, ‘low traffic’  zones and accident prone areas and specify speed limits in these areas
  • Strict implementation of traffic rules in ‘no entry zones’ and ‘no entry times’ for heavy vehicles in the city.
  • Strict monitoring of all ‘heavy traffic zones’ during ‘peak hours’
  • Create more citizens awareness on road safety in the city involving schools, colleges and civil society
  • Construction of ‘pedestrian way’ in both sides of the roads
  • Use of modern technology in traffic management
  • Compulsory ‘road safety education’ in all schools for children
  • Create awareness to use more public transport than personal vehicles to avoid traffic and save time

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 In this process children organized rallies, meetings and door to door visit to aware the slum people at different slums such as Jaganntah Nagar, Ambapua Bauri street, Raghupati Nagara Canal street, Dhimira Bauri street, Lanjipalli Goudabandh street, Jagabandhu Bandha huda street and Gram devati Bauri street. From Child club, members such as Rudra Das, Suraj Das, Rinki Patra, Radha Das, Bala Das, Pinki Das, Suprava Das, Archana Sahu and Banita Nayak. From Youth for Social Development Abhiram Kanhar, Chandan Sahu, Sujata Bisoi and Suchitra Rout facilitate child club members.B  5

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