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Central University of Orissa, Koraput observed 70th Independence Day

Central University of Orissa, Koraput observed 70th Independence Day

OS Logo Pink EnglishKoraput,15/8/2016(Odisha Samachar)-Central University of Orissa, Koraput observed 70th Independence Day in a befitting manner at its charismatic monsoon valley campus at Sunabeda. Prof. Sachidanand Mohanty, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor unfolded the tricolour and addressed the staff, students and the children of the adjacent village. While addressing he pointed out some of the important achievement of the Central University of Orissa including infrastructure development, quality of higher education, student’s welfare and academic administration. He urged the University community to solve the challenges before the nation and to dedicate ourselves for the sake of national unity.CU  1

Prof. Mohanty in his address to the students remind about the price the martyrs has paid for the freedom of the country. He also elaborates current challenges face by our country and how University can be an answer to it. Prof. Mohanty said in his address “It’s a divided republic, we have division across the country, division of langue, division of region and many others but these are not what the founders of our nations has wanted, while giving us the freedom. We have to find the inequality in our society and also have to find how this inequality can be removed from our society.” He said “We must think of innovative measure so that more and more students can come to the University”.CU 2

He also informed that the MoU has been signed with the NIXIE with the help of the UGC for Wi-fi connectivity in the entire campus and it will make available in the University campus forcible. “The University has bought an ambulance which is deployed in the University for 24 hrs. service. Two busses have been sanctioned by the Govt. of India and the University will buy them as soon as possible for the students’ transportation to the campus” he said.

 “Last year on the same day two Health centres were inaugurated in both the campuses to provide health facility to the students and the staff of the University. This year we are trying to best for establishing Permanent Medical at the University Campus” he said.

Tree plantation was carried out in the campus with the help of Forest Department of Koraput to mark the 70 years of the Independence. The University has planted 9,000 trees last year where as this year more than 13,000 trees have been planted in its main campus. It makes a charismatic green valley to the campus of the University with the beautiful touch of the nature.

Large numbers of students and staff were present on this occasion.CU 4 : Developping Odia News websites

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