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Audi enthusiasts experience off-roading prowess of Audi Q range in Bhubaneswar

Audi enthusiasts experience off-roading prowess of Audi Q range in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, 23/12/2017 ( Odisha Samachar / Abhisek Mohanty )- : Over 100 Audi enthusiasts experienced off-roading prowess of Audi Q range during a driving programme held in Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer has announced the 2017 season of its immensely popular experiential driving program – the Audi Q drive. The sixth edition of the multi-city Audi Q Drive program will be held across 30 dealer locations in India with overall 35 events planned for this year. Audi enthusiasts in these cities will not only get an opportunity to experience the legendary quattro technology of Audi’s popular Q range – Audi Q7, Audi Q5 and Audi Q3 but also the superlative style and performance of these sporty, progressive and
sophisticated vehicles.Audi 1

“Customer engagement is at the centre of Audi strategy as the brand with four rings reloads in India. Engagement for us goes beyond the routine test drives. We clearly wanted to create memorable experiences for customers while letting them test the prowess of Audi vehicles on individually designed Audi tracks. The Audi Q Drive is specifically created to showcase the quattro capabilities of the popular Audi SUV’s on a custom-built off-road track and I am delighted that Audi fans in Bhubaneswar enjoyed their experience,” Head, Audi India Rahil Ansari

Audi Q Drive is the most widespread program under the Audi driving experience. Travelling across the country, the Audi Q drive is executed on a custom-built off-roading track, designed keeping in mind the key attributes and features of the Audi Q range, including especially Audi’s legendary quattro system. Customers enjoy driving on specially made off-road track and maneuver obstacles such as hill climbing, hill descend, slush, acceleration, braking, rumblers, axle twister and articulation and tilt angle. Over 9000 customers have participated in this program since its inception in India, Ansari added.
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The Audi Q Drive program is executed within city limits, the Audi Q drive tracks are created specially across locations in India. Audi India has a team of instructors responsible for supervising the build-process of these tracks including Audi India’s racing talent Aditya Patel. The Audi Q Drive gives the enthusiasts a chance to drive the Audi Q range under trained supervision to understand the prowess of its advanced technology. Audi has set trends in the Indian market with its Q range models; they have become a preferred choice of mobility for the driving enthusiasts in the country who find these best suited to traverse the diverse terrain of India. We are confident of maintaining our position of strength in the luxury SUV segment and are evaluating some other models from the global portfolio which may be relevant for India, he further added.

According to General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Audi Bhubaneswar Bharani Kumar, there is no better way to improve a customer’s understanding of the Audi Q range than by getting them to experience their true prowess in this special set-up. The Audi Q drive gave us an opportunity to showcase the extreme capabilities and dynamics of the legendary quattro which is designed and engineered to perform even in the most challenging terrains. We at Audi Bhubaneswar  are delighted with the success of the Audi Q drive and I would like to thank our patrons and all Audi enthusiasts for participating in the Audi Q drive, he said.

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