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‘Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital pioneers in infertility treatment’

‘Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital pioneers in infertility treatment’

Bhubaneswar, 16/12/2017 ( Odisha Samachar / Abhisek Mohanty )- : A new technic developed by Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital has emerged as one of the pioneers in technological advancement in the infertility treatment through Time Lapse System (TLS). TLS assisted infertility treatment got successful in turning dreams of a childless couple into reality, renowned infertility specialist and director of the hospital Dr A Suresh Kumar said in a press conference here on Saturday.

Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital and Test Tube Baby Center Pandri launched new technique for improvement of success rate in infertility treatment. TLS advanced infertility treatment is bringing happiness to childless couple.

Highlighting the specifications of the TLS, which has been introduced for the first time in Central India, Dr Kumar said, “The system allows the embryos to develop in the environment without any disturbances. It improves embryo selection by helping the IVF team to observe the exact time of cell division. The embryos that divide optimally have significantly higher chances of implantation. The additional benefit of Time Lapse System is that it improves the chances of creating a pregnancy with increased knowledge based on detailed analysis of embryo characteristic so that chances of healthy full term pregnancy increases and abortion rate is lowered, thereby increasing the success rate. So, this technique can be a boon for the patients who has (a) repeated implantation failure (b) repeated spontaneous abortion cases (c) repeated failure with different Assisted reproductive technologies like I.U.I , I.V.F, ICSI, IMSI cases (d) male infertility cases.”

Based in Raipur, Chhattisgrah Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital is the first IMSI Test Tube Baby Center of Central India . The hospital is Limca book of record holder twice, first for bringing happiness in life of a 65 –year-old lady through IVF treatment and secondly operating 5 ICSI babies in shortest time. It is one of the best IVF Centre in India providing complete fertility treatment 24X7 under one roof since 1990.

Examined around 67,942 infertility patients and performing 850 fertility enhancing surgery every year, the hospital masters in handling critical and rare fertility problems. : Developping Odia News websites

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