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Agri Versity at Sonepur Demanded

ELogo-BlueSonepur,07/04(Odisha Samachar/Sudhir Kumar Biswal) : Having a vast back ground and posssibiities on agriculture prospects, demand for estabishment of Agriculture University at Sonepur is grooming . In a district level meeting at the Townhall called by Zilla Sachetana Nagirika Manch with regard to justification of the demand, all the citizens present  had expressed their views in favour of it on Sunday .
As per discussion, being an industryless area, a total of 83,310 families in the district absolutely depend on agriculture , which is 65 percent of total population in the district . The district also has claimed the record of highest peddy production in the state for the last few years . The district also bears a ratio of 32.55 in foodgrain production in comparison to the state ratio of 17.37 . Again out of six, two blocks in  the district are mostly irrigated and there is also enough potentialities of vast irrigation, with the presence of river Mahanadi, Tel, Shuktel and Ong alongwith many Jore,big tanks and MIPs in the district .
President of the Manch, Sarbeshwar Purohit presided over the meeting in which ex-MLA Binod Patra,  Gourishyam Panda, Baladeb Bedbak, Parsuram Mishra, Sajjan Panda, Narendra Bhoi, Purusottam Mishra, Ghasiram Panda and Gobind Maharana etc. participated . : Developping Odia News websites

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