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Activist shown the door when Nation observing ten year to RTI act,

ELogo-Blue2Balangir, 21/10 ( Odisha samachar / Maharaj sai )- At a time when increase in farmers suicide case are creating trouble for the state,administration instead of helping government to wade through these problems asking more trouble by harassing people who comes to seek information related to cultivation and government run program.A recent incident which occurred at Puintal Block confirms the suspicion of two RTI activists who after getting hints of something amiss in implementation of schemes ment for such distress farmer went to block official to enquire about it. However they have to return empty handed after the Assistant agriculture official forthrightly reject their appeal to inspect document relevant to their quarry.The activist were seeking information regarding implementation BGRI technique and LINE method in Puintal block area and result achieve.They however were stunned by conduct of AAO  who inspit of being told by activist  that they are here to seek information by exercising section 4 (1 B) of 2005 RTI act and wanting to see the inspection book he refused to reveal any information.When asked about the incident to J Nalini Mohan, AAO Puintal Block by the reporter, he told that since he wasn’t being appointed as PIO or APIO he is not obliged to provide them any information ‘only district level and subdivision level officials have the power to provide information ”said Mr Mohan.However Mr Sankar Panigrahi who is one of the RTI activist is of the view that If one go by his word (AAO) then  it is almost impossible for any one to get information from panchayat office block level office and even from police ,electric and education department which is not the fact. In continuance to the matter when further  clarification was sought from District agriculture officer he too repeated the same things told by his junior official that as there is no provision of appointment of PIO and APIO in bellow district and subdivisional level office ,Block level official need prior permission  before providing information.Interestingly odisha government RTI rule 2006 clearly invigorated that head of a department have the power to suo motto disclosed information although they weren’t  appointed as PIO .”section 4(1 B) of RTI act 2005 stated that each office to maintain register which should update on daily basis and entry all the application and maintain information provided by office, it further stated that inspection book to be maintained and keep open for view. if a person sought information by coming to a office in person then public authority of the department have to disclose that information because Odisha RTI amendment rule 2006 categorically stated that head of any office have the power to disclose information voluntarily ”said Mr Pradeep Pradhan head of Odisha suchana adhikar manch. while questioning over the motives of government he asked why and how these official are behaving in such way when rules clearly mentioned to implement these act within 120 days but even after ten year majority of office yet to implement these rules and maintain register and for that not a single exemplary punishment was given by government.It may be mentioned here that  government regularly conducting workshop and sensitization program and inspite of that when no change reflected on ground it clearly put question mark over the ability and intentions of people who are at the helm. Ironically all these happening at a time when one after another farmer committing suicide in the district. latest in the series two more farmers of the district consumed poison ,of them one Indramani Patel of Hardatal is still undergoing treatment at Burla medical college hospital while other Basudev Bhoi of Ghusuramunda village under Loisinga end his life due to crop failure.               : Developping Odia News websites

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