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A story of flesh trade.

ELogo BlueBhubaneswar,02/02 ( Odisha Samachar/ Sanjaya Kumar Bissoyi) – A question arises on today’s world; this might be like that the reality is overwhelming. Majority of us want to watch porn on regular basis or think about it and a few are asexual. Sex is very natural to man.

 The world is fascinated with porn and the lives of porn stars.  For minute close your eyes and imagine having to speak your parents that you want to be a porn star for a living. All you can see is my father calling his lawyer to pull you out of the will while your mother tries to douse you with HOLY WATER to save you from burning in hell.Samjaya Kumar Bissoyi

A young middle aged woman use to chop stone for livelihood, living in such pretty severe anxiety disorders due to poverty, it’s not easy to imagine for common people. In order to earn sixty rupees, she is working hard more than eight hours. Even there was uncertainty over meals for couple of time in a day. Her daughter, Divya who is beautiful, bright and hardworking turn nine today loves to study and lives with her dreams but never been in school.

 “Why does no education to your daughter? When Divya’s father will come?” I asked the mother out of curiosity. “That drunkard, who left us seven years ago, only God knows, whether he is alive or dead. Destitute prevent her from go schools” She responded with moist eyes.

“I am occupied the whole day and also work at night, as I am a labourer” said she, although hesitantly. She continued, “One thing you don’t know sir, our costumer who belongs to the actual realm come near us for pleasure, but that doesn’t end the actual realm to look at us like disease.’’

I expressed only unease, speculating if Divya knows about her earning source. “I experienced what is poverty, I hate when I think about it, all world behind money, everyone salute to riches,” she added. Divya suddenly told that “I love my mother; I understand her feelings and emotions.” I was pleased to see that this little girl was all set to women at heart.

The mother endures adversity every day and every night, but she never become the victim of frivolity. She is struggling to her fate, suffering, but does not give up building her child career. Though she is uneducated and ignorant, her conscience is still alive. I wonder in what way a wonderful cheerful girl like Divya would become after she grows with time. The mother had to engage to every profession against all the odds, just to make sure divya gets a tenable life in future.

I got a decent answer that has never been contemplates by our folks. That short conversation gives me enough reason to believe that there are some people who took up odd jobs for survival not out of greed. Why do people become sex workers? Why does the so called purity society hate them? Indian constitution gives assurance for right to education for every child, which is a mere an amendment to constitution? What about millions males who are alcoholics, and spoiling others live around them?

As by this time, we now realized that some woman’s are forced to indulge in prostitution not for greed but because of miserable penury. Had such woman is given enough chances to education, technical skill, or vocational training, she would have proved to live her life in dignity and perseverance. As, she would be capable to earn livelihood, by such vocational training and skill on the stead of selling her body.Central and the State Governments through Social Welfare Boards should prepare schemes for rehabilitation all over the country for physically and sexually molested women usually known as sex workers, as we are of the opinion that the sex workers also have a right to live with self-respect under Article 21 of the Constitution of India since they are also human beings and their difficulties also wants to be answered. Young Indians, with whose idealism and sense of nationalism can solve these problems of sex worker.

If men indulge in sex with so many women, societies called them Lover boy, Romeo….But when women do so; she is branded as a harlot. Why this prejudice or partiality among same God’s creature? : Developping Odia News websites

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