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“Kadvi Hawa” makes Sightsavers as its charity partner

“Kadvi Hawa” makes Sightsavers as its charity partner

Bhubaneswar, 20/11/2017 ( Odisha Samachar / Abhisek Mohanty )-    Internationally acclaimed film maker Padmashri Nila Madhav Panda on Sunday held the premiere release of his upcoming film “Kadvi Hawa” at Hotel Sandy’s Tower here.

The film is based on climate change and its impact on human life and survival. The movie ready to release on November 24 has casted renowned actor Sanjay Mishra as the central character. The other actors in the movie are Ranvir Sorey, Bhupesh Singh and Tilotama Shome.

The film has made UK based organization Sightsavers as its charity partner which works in more than 30 countries in the world on blindness and its impact on the people. Sanjaya Mishra has played the character of a blind person in the movie and is fighting for his survival in his own village on account of the impact of climate change. The blind man and a young ban loan recovery agent, ironically both coming from two extreme weather conditions having zero contribution to the global climate change, fight for their survival. The movie promotes the work of Sightsavers and its work around blindness which has strong linkage with the climate change. The climate change impact has made eye care services inaccessible due to threatened livelihood for the poor population. Climate change has contributed to the increase in avoidable blindness due to early macular degeneration on account of pollution, hot weather and unbearable sun rays.Film 1

Speaking on the occasion, the film Director Nila Madhav Panda said, “The film across its promos will promote the work of Sightsavers. The oragnisation works in a big way in Odisha and other 7 states of India and helping the poor to access eye care services at affordable costs. He said that people must come forward to support organizations like Sightsavers, which brings valuable content and independence to people’s life by simply restoring their vision.

 The film maker said the film Kadvi Hawa- Dark Wind is not just a fiction-its an eye opening portrayal of the sufferings of people and it is a wake-up call for the society still unprepared to face the consequences of their actions on climate change. : Developping Odia News websites

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