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13 death in three months in tribal village ! NHRC asked Odisha government to probe

 ELogo Blue Bhubaneswar,10/3 ( Odisha Samachar / IMC) –  The National Human Rights Commission has directed Odisha government to probe the alleged death due to drinking of contaminated water by the tribals in Odisha. This direction has came after a complaint of Odisha based rights activist Akhand. He alleged that 13 villagers died after consuming the water and 9 others were suffering from the water born diseases in Village MPV-24 in Malkangiri.

The villagers reported the matter to the District Collector and also Chief District Medical Officer for redressal of the grievances but no action was taken, as a result the poor villages were compelled to spend considerable amount for their treatment in the hospitals situated in Andhra Pradesh, alleged Akhand.

After the intervention of the Commission, Chief Medical Officer(CDMO) of Malkanagiri had submitted the reports regarding the allegation. The report said that “the villagers told that during last 2-3 years, some persons of different age groups died after being treated in some hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. They were told that diseases related to kidney but the villagers could not produce any definite document in this respect.”  It was alleged that people were suffering some problems due to drinking water of the tubewells of the village. The water of the 5 tubewells of the village was examined and it was found that sample of 2 tubewells out of 5 contained iron beyond permissible limits. The
said tubewells were declared defunct and closed. In order to meet the
demand for supply of water, one new tubewell has been installed in the
village, said CDMO in his report.

The Commission has considered the report and observed that “out of 5 tubewells existing in the village two contained iron substance beyond permissible limits and the water of the said tubewells was found unfit for human consumption it indicates that the people of the village who had consumed the water of the said tubewells might have been suffering badly and some of them might have died even after taking treatment in the hospitals in Andhra Pradesh.”
The Chairman of NHRC has ordered Principal Secretary in Health Department of Government of Odisha to probe about the death and obtain definite information and medical reports regarding the cause of death of 13 villagers and diseases being suffered by 9 persons of the village within six weeks.

The full particulars of the dead persons along with those suffering from the diseases along with their financial conditions be also reported, this order says.

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